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World of Warships: Update 0.9.4 Changes and Additions, Supertest datamining – Submarines are coming?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we knew that it would happen at some point but apparently, that’s it. Submarines might very well join the main client with the next update in a separate game mode.

Now before we start talking about the submarines, let’s have a look at stuff that was also datamined in the 0.9.3 client as well as other changes happening with the 0.9.4. update.

Also, don’t forget that it’s datamining stuff from an update that isn’t final yet so THINGS MIGHT CHANGE!

Unlisted changes in 0.9.3

Tier X Japanese battleship Shikishima

  • Unlike what was announced in the devblog, the Shikishima received a different horizontal dispersion (6.2*R+84) from the standard IJN battleships horizontal dispersion (7.2*R+84).
    This dispersion formula presents a lower A value and by such, gives the Shikishima a better dispersion at range than the other IJN battleships.
  • The AP normalization was brought down to 6° instead of 15°.

  • AP Fuse normalized to 1/6 (85mm) instead of the previous 170 mm. This means that she will be less of an overpenetration queen.

Tier VIII Pan-European destroyer Oland

  • The Oland’s HP repartition changed slightly with the bow section gaining 100HP while the casemate section lost 100 HP.

Tier IX French battleship Jean Bart and tier X Soviet cruiser Smolensk

  • Their icons changed to specialUnsellable, so no longer sold special ship.

Premium tier VIII Soviet battleship Borodino

  • The dispersion of her main battery changed from the U.S. battleship formula (10*R+60) to the battlecruiser formula (8.4*R+48).

  • The sigma increased from 1.9 to 2.0.

  • The reload was buffed to 27 seconds instead of 30 seconds.

  • The plating on the bow and stern was nerfed from 32 mm to 25 mm.

  • Her Damage Control Party consumable changed from the special Soviet battleship one to the regular battleship version

  • She received in an additional slot a Surveillance Radar consumable with 12 km range and 25 seconds duration.

I will just say one thing. I CALLED IT!!! Back when I did the stats review of the Champagne, I called that the Borodino would receive the same treatment. It turns out that I was right. Of course, I didn’t expect the radar but… well so be it.

Tier X Soviet cruiser Petropavlovsk

  • The dispersion formula of her main battery was changed from 8.5*R+15 to 9.5*R+15.

Tier IX Soviet cruiser Riga

  • The dispersion formula of her main battery was changed from 8.5*R+15 to 9.5*R+15.
  • The air drag of her shells was nerfed from 0.2549 to 0.27 and the mass was nerfed from 202 kg to 182 kg. This means that she will have a slightly worse ballistic and penetration.

Additions and Changes coming with the Update 0.9.4

The Soviet cruisers event

New loading screen of the Update 0.9.4

In Update 0.9.4 there will be an event dedicated to the Early Access to Soviet heavy cruisers of Tiers VIII and IX. The permanent camouflage “Soviet” will be added for cruisers Mikoyan V, Tallin VIII, Riga IX, Petropavlovsk X, Bagration VIII, and Ochakov VIII.


Strangely, for the Ochakov and Pyotr Bagration, the camouflage icon is different. I’m not sure if it means that it will be different for them.


There will be new containers with this update and most likely a new currency.



The “Black Sea” Port was updated and renamed to “Novorossiysk”. The port in its usual form will be available in the Modstation.


Clan battles and Ranked seasons

From April 15 to June 8, the 9th season of Clan Battles will be held.

From May 20 to June 16, the 16th Ranked Battles season will be held on Tier VII ships in the “7 vs 7” format. Just as the Ranked Battles format changes, so do its rewards: victories this season will bring you up to 4,700 steel and other rewards.

Other changes

In the updated “Modules” tab you will be able to view upgrades and consumables of ships that are not yet in your port. You can research and purchase a ship in the Tech Tree tab.

The Northern Lights, Shatter, Sleeping Giant, Loop, Greece and Crash Zone Alpha maps have been adapted for the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology.


The location of islands has been changed on the Loop map. It will make it easier to approach key areas and maneuver around them. The island in A7 at the border of the “Atlantic” map was removed.



The number of points at the beginning of each battle in the “Domination” mode in Co-op Battles was changed:

  • For battles with 3 key areas from 300 to 400 points

  • For battles with 4 key areas from 200 to 300

This will help to reduce the amount of battles which are finished when one of the teams reaches 0 points.


The consumable Repair Party received a new icon.


There is also a new Engine Boost consumable icon. The old one is still in the files but it might be just a legacy.

New flags

Z-35 commemorative flag


16th Ranked Season commemorative flag


New camouflages

A new expendable camouflage “Recruiting Station”, 4 new solid-color expendable camouflages and permanent camouflage “Nordic” for Ägir are added to the game. Ägir is now the 3rd ship to receive that Nordic camouflage alongside Siegfried and Odin.

Recruiting Station Camouflage


Ägir Nordic Permanent Camouflage


“Activity 1” camouflage


“Activity 2” camouflage


“Activity 3” camouflage


“Activity 4” camouflage


“Canada Day” camouflage

There was also another unlisted camouflage that was added. it is called “Canada Day”.


Free Premium Consumables

With the release of Update 0.9.4, Premium consumables will become free and standard consumables will be removed from the game. Thus, there will be only one type of each consumable, with the parameters of the current Premium versions.


This change will significantly reduce the number of credits spent after every battle and make the game more comfortable for those who cannot afford using premium consumables all the time.

Premium consumables in the Inventory, as well as those mounted on ships will be automatically converted to credits. “More Consumables” containers will no longer be available. Any of these containers you have on your account will be exchanged for 160 000 credits. In other containers and rewards, Premium consumables will be replaced with signals.

Submarines possibly coming with the Update 0.9.4.

Soooo… now, let’s have a look at the main dish. I was doing my little datamining, looking in the game files if anything interesting had been added and all of a sudden, I find this:


A new battle type icon and I don’t know for you but here, I definitely see a submarine. The purple color also means that it will be a unique game mode like Arms race back in the days or the space battles that we sometimes get in April.

Additionally, a series of battle tips were added to the game. They are about submarines, how to play them, how to fight them and how to dodge their torpedoes more effectively.

















Another element is that the Tier VI submarines Cachalot (American), U-69 (German) and S-1 (Soviet) received updated stats. This would potentially mean that this special game mode would be limited to tier VI like on the TST server.

Finally, there is this article that was published a few days ago in which Sub_Octavian talks about the balancing of the submarines, the difficulties they met when implementing them to the game, etc.

With all these elements in mind, I seriously think that Submarines will move to the stage of enclosed game mode within the main game with the Update 0.9.4.

Time will tell if I was right but I will make articles about the stats of the tier VI submarines for sure.

In the meantime…

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  3. will be moskva became a special ship?how about players have moskva including camoflag?- will they recive shome thing for the camo?

  4. I was under the impression oland’s torp reload was being buffed from 70 secs to 59 secs ?.

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