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World of Warships: Update 0.9.10 Changes and Additions, Supertest datamining – American Battleships part 2, Halloween event and more!

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The soon to be released 0.9.10 update is bringing a hefty amount of content and it’s time to have a look at it!

As usual, this update is still in testing so anything can change, except in general things like camouflages or artworks.


The American Battleships Event: Part 2

Update 0.9.10 will host the second part of the event dedicated to the new sub-branch of American battleships. In honor of him a new collection “Always Courageous” has been added. The collection, dedicated to the American Navy, will tell about the main caliber of battleships, admirals, medals for service in World Wars, and the main types of uniforms for the lower ranks of the US Navy in World War II.

The Collection is divided into 4 sections with 4 items each:

McClelland Barklay’s Art and Uniforms


U.S Navy Admirals


The reward for collecting the sections is the “Wings”, “Stars”, “Stars and Stripes” patches and 5 expendable “Stars ‘n Stripes” camouflages, for the entire collection – Oklahoma with the “Military” permanent camouflage.

The elements of this collection can only drop from dedicated containers.

I suppose that, just like previous events, the first container will be available through directives and the other in the armory for doubloons.

Brazilian Flag Day

In honor of coming Brazilian flag day the following content will be added to the game:

Pan-American commander Francisco Ferreira Filho. He will have no enhanced skills or unique talents but will have a unique appearance, and his ranks will match those of the Brazilian Navy

Brazil naval flag

“Brazil” expendable camouflage

Outside of the standard camouflage effects, it gives +100% Captain XP and +100% XP.

Pan-American Tier II cruiser Almirante Abreu is a copy of Albany. The ship has a unique horn sound and a permanent “Ordem e Progresso” camouflage.

New Collaboration with Arpeggio of Blue Steel

With the 0.9.10., we are witnessing the return of one of the first (weeb) collaborations of World of Warships and with brand new content in the form of 2 new ships, 3 unique commanders and a permanent (and frankly great) camouflage for Musashi.

ARP Maya

Now, for ARP Maya, there is quite a bit of disappointment as she is just a recolored ARP Takao and doesn’t get the AA refit she even had in the anime.

ARP Yamato

Surprisingly, we are getting a standalone copy of the Yamato instead of a simple permanent camouflage. The way to get it is for now unknown. Also, it was specified that some balance changes could be applied to this ship.

Musashi Permanent Camouflage

New Commanders

Black Friday

Just like the last few years, we are getting a special Black Friday event with 4 new ships and their respective badges, flags and commanders.

Jean Bart B

Atlanta B

Cossack B

Kaga B

Key Battles

For Halloween, we are getting a completely new  and quite unique game mode called “Key battles”. It will take place on a new map called “Polygon”, several times larger than any other map in the game.


Big hunt: Key to Victory!

To celebrate Halloween, a new temporary type of battle has been added: Key battle.

16 players will be let loose on a giant map – Polygon – where they will have to choose to fight with or against each other, while simultaneously having to deal with dangerous sea monsters controlled by artificial intelligence. You can only go into battle alone, but during the battle itself you can team up into a division of up to three ships.

The main task is to leave the Polygon through the portal. To do this, you need to find one of the specially marked monsters, destroy it, and retrieve the key. Only one player can use a key, and not a whole division.

After all the keys have been used, the remaining ships will be transferred to a special zone – the Octagon. Like in Rogue Battle in Update 0.8.5, the final battle takes place in a gradually shrinking combat zone. The last surviving ship will also successfully leave the Polygon.

Instead of the usual square minimap, a round one with the player’s ship in the center is used. It shows the surroundings up to the ship’s view range.

For the destruction of monsters and other players, a temporary resource will be issued – Battle Points. Having collected a certain amount of Battle Points, you can improve your ship right in battle, for example, reduce the damage received or increase the damage dealt by your armament. All points earned are transferred to the port, and they can be exchanged in the Armory for various rewards including “Infernal” permanent camouflages for Tier VIII and IX ships. A successful exit from the Polygon brings additional Battle Points, and the exit through the portal gives more than the victory in the Octagon.

Players will have three different ships available in 0.9.10, but each of them has many modules, the installation of which significantly changes the gameplay and creates an unusual combination of characteristics. For example, conventional torpedoes can be replaced with ones temporarily incapacitating all the main weapons of the enemy, but inflicting less damage.

 Armament is not limited to simple weapons: lasers, plasma torpedoes, wave launchers and mortars are at the service of commanders. For example, wave launchers can destroy incoming torpedoes, and plasma weapons heat the target’s armor and temporarily increase damage when plasma shells and torpedoes re-hit an already hot area. New modules are unlocked when performing special combat missions.

Added a new port inspired by Polygon.

Unlike what you could expect, these new skins for République, Smolensk and Hindenburg will (at least for now) not be available for their respective originals.

As for the monsters that we will have to fight during the event, there are 3 different kinds:




They all present different armaments with Fangblade and Thornridge having main batteries, secondaries and torpedoes while Lobster-Eyed only has a main battery and secondaries. However, that thing will be the enemy to fear the most has it has no less than 150 000 HP, the biggest range on her main and secondary batteries, a 460 mm gun and a truckload of armor.

New badges

New achievements

Other content additions

Hybrids and skip bombs

With 0.9.10., Wargaming are starting to test the design of hybrid ships (cruisers or battleships being also able to operate planes) as well as Skip bombs which either work just like normal HE bombs or can bounce on the water multiple times to reach their target.


Three versions of Tone and Ise were added, differing in the type of planes: Tone1 and Ise1 carry torpedo bombers, Tone2 and Ise2 – dive bombers with HE bombs, Tone3 and Ise3 – attack aircraft. Hybrids have less firepower than usual for their type and tier, and should therefore combine their standard armament with their planes to deal effective damage. Each of them carries one full squadron with one attack flight. Aircraft take off quickly and don’t return to the ship. The restoration of aircraft goes not one by one, but the entire squadron at once. Hybrids’ squadrons don’t have consumables, and their engine boost is less effective than that of carriers’ planes.

Each of these ships will be treated in their respective articles.

Skip bombs

German Tier X aircraft carrier Werner Voss will be used for the test of skip bombers. This ship is a copy of Manfred von Richthofen, but she carries skip bombers instead of torpedo bombers.

Werner Voss’s skip bombers parameters

Hit points – 1,710
cruising speed – 174.0 knots
size of attacking flight – 4
aircraft per squadron – 12
aircraft restoration time – 90 s
detectability range – 10 km
number of aircraft on deck – 18.
Bombs in payload – 1
bomb type – HE
maximum bomb damage – 12,200
number of skips – 2

It is worth noting that, while the bombs tested are HE bombs, Wargaming already created an icon for AP bombs even though, right now, it’s the same as for HE bombs.

Here is also a demonstration video that was made:

Now, for the first impression… these bombs actually look quite unreliable when doing skips. You can already see with the first skip that the bombs are just flying all over the place.

New achievements

Outside of the achievements made for the event, 2 other achievements were added for the event previously announced by Wargaming. In fact, they said that the top clans from this clan battles season would take part in an official tournament. This statement was however quickly removed from the article. The interesting thing is that these 2 new achievements labeled as “Clan battles Grand Fleet” indicate that this tournament is definitely still planned. I suppose that the first achievement is for taking part in this tournament and the second will be for the winning clan.

New flag

Only one flag, outside of the Brazilian one was added and it’s the flag of the Ise.

New badge

“Wild Blue Yonder – Air Force” Patch

New permanent camouflage

‘Samurai” permanent camouflage for Shikishima for Ranked tokens.

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