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World of Warships: Update

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A lot of people will be happy to hear that in just a few hours, a little update will hit the live servers. This update will fix two nasty issues regarding aircraft carriers, namely, Tier X matchmaking with the limit of carriers per game and the dispersion bug on the bombers (enlightened drop).

The content of the update

At 06:00 CEST (UTC+2) this Wednesday, two important changes will be made to the game. We’ll update the limit on the number of aircraft carriers in Random Battles, and fix an issue with the incorrect dropping of bombs.

The update will be rolled out on the server side which means you won’t need to download any extra content for the client.

  • We’ve introduced a soft limit on the number of carriers in Tier X battles. Now, in the majority of instances, no more than one carrier will be allowed per team. But if the matchmaker fails to assemble a battle during the three minutes that the first player in the queue spends waiting to enter a battle, a maximum of two carriers may be matched per team. In Tier X battles (Tier VIII-X ships), situations with three CVs per team will no longer be possible, while the number of battles with two CVs per team will be reduced drastically.

    Bear in mind, however, that the above rules will only apply to battles involving Tier VIII-X ships. At lower tiers, the previous rules will apply, allowing up to three carriers per team to be matched to a battle. This is due to an increased popularity of carriers at those tiers, and their overall weaker influence on the outcome of a battle. More details are available here. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the situation, and are ready to make any required fixes.

  • Fixed an issue with the drop trajectory of a bomb being calculated incorrectly. The issue resulted in a targeted ship receiving more bomb hits than possible in cases when bombs were dropped at the last moment during approaches when the aiming circle only slightly “touched” the target with its edge.
  • Fixed an issue with the Radio Location skill continuing to operate, even after a ship has been destroyed.