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World of Warships: Update 0.8.11 Public Test

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We are finally reaching the last update of the year. Go and check the Public Test to have a look at the snowflakes, the new port, the new collection or the special New Year event!

IMPORTANT! Because the Update is still in the process of being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Some changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, the specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the Update is released.


New Year Celebrations

With the holiday season drawing near, it’s the perfect time to dive into the gleaming atmosphere of the festively decorated Port of New York. You can also enjoy a special New Year event with a new collection to gather; stocks of Coal, Steel, and other in-game goodies to collect; and new ships to obtain!






Please note: the rewards for activities on the Public Test server may differ from the rewards credited on the live server.


In Update 0.8.11, Snowflakes with holiday victory bonuses will be placed on all ships of Tier V and above.

Snowflakes blown off Tier V–VII ships will bring 400–750 Coal; Snowflakes from Tier VIII–IX ships will bring 75 Steel; and victorious battles with Tier X ships will bring good old Santa’s Gift containers. The latter have a certain chance of dropping one of many Premium ships, as well as other enticing rewards (e.g. doubloons).



A Snowflake can be blown off a ship only once.


You’ll find a personal Dockyard in your Port, ready for the construction of  X Puerto Rico. The process of constructing the ship is split into several stages. To complete the ship, you must go through all the stages of construction, from laying the keel to installing the ship’s armament and deck equipment. Completing each stage will bring you valuable rewards, but the final and most valuable reward is the ship herself. The cherry on the cake is that she comes with a festive permanent camouflage mounted.



It will only be possible to construct the cruiser during Update 0.8.11. In order to complete work on her in good time, you’ll need to erect various structures at the Dockyard. These structures will become available sequentially, and building them will require Shipbuilding Tokens—a special temporary resource. You can collect these Tokens by actively progressing through the Directives of the event, and then you can use them to accelerate the construction process. If you lack Tokens, simply use doubloons to speed up the process instead.





Considering the fact that it’s about getting a tier X ship, you can expect this event to be one hell of a grind. Thankfully, there are no clan battles running during this period so that will make things a tiny bit easier.

Event Directives

The event consists of seven Directives. By completing these Directives and their missions, you’ll get  VII Gorizia, various in-game goodies, Santa’s Gift containers, Shipbuilding Tokens, and Shipbuilding containers. These containers drop elements of the new collection in addition to many other desirable items.

Keep in mind that you won’t be required to complete all seven Directives to replenish your collection of ships. To get your hands on  VII Gorizia, you only need to complete three out of the seven Directives. The remaining four Directives are aimed at the most determined “Sea Wolves”—those Captains who have their hearts set on speeding up the construction of the much-desired  X Puerto Rico.

On the Public Test server,  VII Gorizia and  X Puerto Rico will be replaced with other rewards.

Shipbuilding Collection

The new collection consists of 20 elements related to various stages of the shipbuilding process, taking WWII-era U.S. large cruiser  X Puerto Rico as the example. The collection offers you insights into how a warship is built from a variety of viewpoints. It starts from the keel-laying stage, then moves to the perspectives of those involved in the construction process, the machinery used at dockyards, and the ship’s armament and equipment. Each completed subcollection will reward you with 1 day of Warships Premium Account. The reward for completing the entire collection is a Santa’s Big Gift container.



Keel laying


Crane Operator
Ship Fitter




305 mm guns
127 mm guns
20 mm Oerlikon


Mk 38
Mk 37
SK 2

Captain’s Logbook

Which Premium and special ships are still missing from your Port? How many different flags can you mount on your ships? For the answers to these questions and many others, you can refer to the Captain’s Logbook. To access it, simply open the player’s menu by clicking on your nickname in the upper-left area of the Port screen and select “Captain’s Logbook.” Here, you will see different sections with various in-game items, displaying which game goodies you already have and which are yet to come.

bulletin-0811_1_1920x1080 (1)bulletin-0811_2_1920x1080bulletin-0811_3_1920x1080 (1)bulletin-0811_4_1920x1080

Ranked Sprint

Update 0.8.11 ushers in Ranked Sprint Season 10. We’re certain that the Sprint’s battles will delight you with their 1 vs. 1 format, played with Tier VIII ships in Domination mode. Battles will be held within a reduced combat area on maps you already know well. The limited space on those maps will make battles more dynamic, despite the minimal number of participants.

1v1 Ranked Sprint… I won’t lie, I’m pretty hyped for that or at least for the idea on paper.

Visual and Other Enhancements

We’re continuing to tweak the game’s various maps and Ports to accommodate the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology. The Trident and Neighbors maps, as well as the Hamburg and Marseille Ports have been reworked in Update 0.8.11.

Neighbors 0.8.10
Neighbors 0.8.11

We’ve also improved the visuals of the sea by enhancing the quality of the visualization of the water’s surface and making the waves look more realistic.

We’ve reworked the loading screen of the game and other visual and technological enhancements have been added to make the game load faster.

Blow off Snowflakes, complete Directives, build the new collection, and upgrade your Dockyards! Join the Public Test to grab all available rewards!

Balance Changes

In version 0.8.11 the following balance changes will be made:

Japanese aircraft carrier Hosho, Tier IV:

– Changed torpedo aiming parameters.

Previously, Hosho torpedo bombers maintained narrow aiming cones whilst performing manoeuvres, making accurate aiming much easier. Now the possible angle of torpedo drop is increased during manoeuvres. This change will reduce the efficiency of the Hosho as well as restore the Japanese flavor of the Hosho’s torpedo bombers.

American aircraft carrier Midway, Tier X:

– Torpedoes changed:
— Maximum damage increased from 4,233 to 5,067;
— Flooding chance increased from 33% to 42%.

After recent changes, Midway was slightly weaker compared to other ships. The increased damage will increase the efficiency of torpedo bombers , and Midway itself will become more competitive.

American cruiser Salem, Tier X:

– Action time of the “Surveillance Radar” consumable increased from 25 to 40 s.

This change will increase the efficiency of Salem in combat and help her to better deal with destroyers and control key positions on the map.

German battleships:

– Ellipse of main caliber gun shells dispersion is adjusted to the settings of the American and British battleships.

This change will increase the accuracy of all German battleships and make the playing experience more comfortable.

Change to upgrades:

– “Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1” can now be mounted on any ship starting from Tier VI, equipped with “Hydroacoustic Search” consumable.

Now this modification can be mounted on German battleships.

British cruiser Hawkins, Tier V:

– Detectability range by air increased from 6.36 to 6.44 km

In some cases, Hawkins’ detectability range by air was less than its AA defense action zone, so it was increased.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.

Round 1 Schedule

Starts Thu. 21 Nov. 17:30 CET (UTC+1)
Ends Mon. 25 Nov. 14:00 CET (UTC+1)

Special Features of the Test

For the purpose of testing the new mechanics, the cost of building structures and the duration of ship construction in the Dockyard will be reduced. However, please note that any shipbuilding progress will be reset when Round 2 of the Public Test begins. For this reason, you can obtain the reward for building a ship twice on the live server.

Combat Missions and Rewards

Play a Random or Co-op Battle.

Reward on the live server: 3x each type of signal, except for special signals

Play three Random or Co-op Battles.

Reward on the live server: 10x Type 6 camouflage patterns

Complete ship construction in the Dockyard.

Reward on the live server: 5x of each of the following special signals: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, and Hydra

Complete the entire Shipbuilding collection

Reward on the live server: 1x Wargaming container

Attain Rank 1 in the Ranked Sprint playing Tier VIII ships.

Reward on the live server: 3x of each of the following special signals: Scylla, Basilisk, and Leviathan

One Wargaming container provides 1 day of Warships Premium Account.

You can also test the unique German Commander, Günther Lütjens, during the Public Test. To do so, you need to complete a combat mission comprising three stages:

  • Stage 1: earn 1 500 000 credits
  • Stage 2: earn 45 000 XP
  • Stage 3: gain 5 victories

Reward on the Public Test server: Commander Günther Lütjens with 10 skill points.

The combat mission must be completed on Tier V–X ships in Random and Ranked Battles.

Autumn Season

Personal combat mission No.3
  • Play 20 battles
  • Earn 30 000 base XP
  • Earn 100 Set on Fire, Caused Flooding, Hits to Citadel, or Torpedo Hits ribbons

Reward on the live server: 2x Shipbuilding containers

The mission can be completed playing Tier VIII–X ships in Random and Ranked Battles. Once this mission has been completed, the mission from the previous Autumn Season of the Public Test will become available.

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