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World of Warships: Update hotfix and information regarding the resources needed for upcoming ships

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I salute you. We freshly received the second hotfix for the update 0.8.0 and it’s time to look at its content.


  • Fixed the bug that resulted in huge damage spikes from AA explosions at tier VIII.;
  • Adjusted the damage progression of AA explosions on all tiers;
  • Resolved some issues with continuous DPS calculation. As a result, continuous DPS was adjusted within 5% on all ships;
  • Made balance changes to several ships in live testing (  V Viribus Unitis  V Exeter  V Yahagi  IX Neustrashimy);

Changes to the test ships

German battleship Viribus Unitis, tier V.

  • The Sigma value is decreased from 1.8 to 1.65;
  • Changed the parameters of the consumable “Repair party”:
    — The restoration of the casemate (non-citadel) damage reduced from 50% to 40%;
    — Restoration of hit points, after receiving damage to the citadel, increased from 10% to 33%.

The battleship had excessive accuracy for its Main Battery salvoes with hard-hitting shells. Changing the parameter will bring the accuracy in line with other battleships of this tier.

Viribus Unitis has good armor, allowing it to avoid sustaining large amounts of casemate damage, however, with the small number of hit points, penetrating the citadel (with shell, bomb or torpedo) is fatal for the ship, so changing the proportions of the restored hit points will reduce the severity of the damage received in the citadel.

British cruiser Exeter, tier V.

  • Main battery reload increased from 12 to 15 seconds;
  • Removed the consumable “Smoke Generator”.

Exeter’s reload is increased to the value of another heavy cruiser of this tier – Furutaka.

“Smoke Generator” is removed, because in the presence “Repair party” and guns with the caliber of 203 mm, this consumable gives an excessive advantage in battle.

Japanese cruiser Yahagi, tier V.

  • Main battery reload reduced from 10 to 9 seconds.

Soviet destroyer Neustrashimy, tier IX.

  • Changed the parameters of the consumable “Repair party”:
    — The restoration of damage increased from 50% to 60%;
    — Duration: 20 sec instead of 28;
    — Healing: 2% instead of 0.5% of maximum hit points per second:

Neustrashimy has a large hull and turning circle, and, as a result, when faced with other destroyers and detected, she lost a large amount of hit points. As a result, the destroyer was forced to spend all its charges of the “Repair party” and still did not get a full opportunity to return to the battle. Now the “Repair party” is similar to the British cruisers consumable of the high tiers.

The resources required for the upcoming “Freemium” ships

Devblog article

Dear players,

We’ve received a lot of questions about several work-in-progress ships’ distribution method. Today we’ve made the decision about three of them, and we’re sharing it with you to bring more clarity and avoid any confusion in the future.

Azuma (IJN cruiser, tier IX, in testing) will be available for Free XP.

Yoshino (IJN cruiser, tier X, modernized Azuma, in development) will be available for Coal.

Neustrashimy (Soviet tier IX destroyer, in testing) will be available for Steel.

The release dates for these ships will be published later, in the respective news on the game website.

Thanks for reading, good luck, and fair seas!

Not much to talk about here. For the Azuma, I would tell you to expect a price similar to the Alaska (1 million free experience). For the Neustrashimy, I guess that with the buff listed above, I might consider getting her but not sure yet. Then again, it’s either the Black or Neustrashimy here.
As for Yoshino, I wonder what kind of ship it will be but I’m quite hyped for it.

The good and the bad

Regarding the changes to the anti-air, these are quite welcomed since now, planes will not be dropping from the sky like flies as opposed to the beginning of the update where on the contrary they just wouldn’t die sometimes.
I am not sure if this will somewhat solve the problem we currently have when forcing the planes to return to the carriers but we will see. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, with the, the planes had a 10 seconds vulnerability when returning to the CV during which they would just fly in a straight line resulting quite often in the whole squadron getting destroyed.

Now, don’t think that with this hotfix, your planes will be invincible. If you face a Minotaur for example or if you don’t dodge flaks, you will still get your ass handed over.

For the changes to the test ships, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Personally, I am not convinced by the nerf to the Viribus Unitis. The ship might have 12 guns with a somewhat decent penetration but at the same tier, you have the Oktyabrskaya with also 12 guns, much better firing angles and also better overall armor so… yeah. Not much of a fan of this nerf.

For the Exeter, it’s a welcomed nerf considering the fact that tier by tier, the ship was making the Belfast look like a cuddle bear with that combo of smoke, fast reloading 203 mm guns and repair party. She still has the heal, solid guns, a small citadel and also a very good concealment so don’t worry, the ship will still be strong.

Regarding the Yahagi, not much to talk about, that reload buff is truly appreciated.

Finally, the Neustrashimy is getting a “super heal” as we like to call them. This will compensate with the lack of gun power of the ship so, I won’t spit on that. Keep in mind, however, that you can only have up to 3 repair party.

This wraps up this article, thank you for reading it. I wish you a good day captains!

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