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World of Warships Update 0.7.0

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0.7.0 Update Notes

Distinctive Insignia

Make your account stand out after Update 0.7.0 using special Patches and Emblems.


Profile Emblems demonstrate your skill and ensure you stand out from the sea of other captains. Earn yours by reaching and maintaining a specific level of average damage during your last 100 battles with ships of a certain class in Random Battles ; or through significant contributions to a specific number of victories gained while playing with ships from different nations in Random Battles .

Fast Facts:

– You can only select one patch OR emblem at a time.
– Earn Emblems by playing ships Tier VIII+
– Emblems are currently divided into four levels of complexity, with each level more spectacular and detailed than the one before it
– All available Emblems are in your Profile, selectable only after completing the corresponding mission criteria to earn them


Earn Patches after completing personal combat missions — they consist of two elements, a symbol and a background. The current update brings four standard symbols and five backgrounds, with one symbol and one background selected by default.

When in Port, you can view all available Distinctive Insignias, create a Patch of available elements, or select an earned Emblem. When you select a Distinctive Insignia, it’s updated in your Profile. Only one Patch or Emblem in the Distinctive Insignia category can be selected at a time.

You’ll see the players’ Distinctive Insignias displayed in a pop-up hint on the battle loading screen, in the player list, battle results screen, chat and on the website.

When you destroy an enemy warship, the enemy will see your distinctive insignia, and if an enemy sinks you, you’ll see theirs. Once your warship is destroyed, you can switch the camera to ships of other players and view their insignias.

Access the Distinctive Insignias section through the corresponding option in the Profile tab of your Service Record section, or in the drop-down window displayed when clicking your nickname. More information on how to get different Insignia can be found here.

New Port Camera

With the release of the Update, you’ll be able to view your ships in the Port from new perspectives. You can examine in detail the main and secondary guns, AA batteries, torpedo tubes, and deck aircraft without needing to click on them. Take beautiful panoramic shots of your ships fully zoomed out; or check out the elegant outlines using the top-down view.

Training Room

When you reach Service Record Level 15, you can create a Training Room Battle to test ship loadouts and tactics for Random or Clan Battles or re-enact historic battles to your heart’s content. You define the number of participants, ship types and nationalities, maps and even weather conditions. Don’t worry about economy or service costs – you don’t expend ammo or consumables, or pay for the post-battle service of your ship in these training battles.

You won’t earn Credits in Training Rooms though.

The Training Room creator can:

  • Distribute players between two teams of up to 12 players each for a maximum of 24
  • Establish nations or tier or ship type limits – there are a maximum 12 ships of each type except carriers which have a maximum of three per team
  • Select the map, type weather conditions and duration of a battle
  • Add a description to a Training Room so other players can find it
  • Limit access by setting a password

The room creator can invite players to join the room and distribute them between two teams: Alpha and Bravo, while assigning commanders for both teams. These commanders can then invite players into their own teams. There is also an option to hide the ships of both teams, activated with the “Hide enemy ships” menu option.

Also, test the main guns of your newly purchased ship and find out just where to hit the citadels of enemy ships by adding bots to the battle as static targets.

High School Fleet

Check out new camo patterns on IJN Musashi, IJN Yamato and HSF Harekaze and a new collection. Assign four new Commanders to your ships and complete a 35-item collection with brief descriptions of the characters featuring in the “High School Fleet” anime series.

The High School Fleet Collection will be available from Update 0.7.0 to Update 0.7.2.

Co-Op  Matchmaker Changes

In Update 0.7.0, we have further improved the work of the matchmaker in Co-Op Battles for all tiers featuring bot-operated carriers and battleships in battles even if players helm none. The type of AI-commanded ship depends on which type of ship is the most numerous in a particular battle.

  • If your team is composed of one battleship, three cruisers and two destroyers (with cruisers being the most numerous type), one bot-operated destroyer is matched to the battle.
  • If destroyers outnumber all other ship types, a battleship is added.
  • If battleships have the most representation, a cruiser is matched to that battle.
  • If two types of ships have equal representation in a battle, bot-driven ships are added in the following order of priority: battleship, cruiser and destroyer.
  • Any bot-driven ship matched into a battle may only be taken from the list of researchable ships, and its tier must equal the lowest tier brought to battle by a player, provided that the required type of ship is available at that tier.
  • If there are no ships of the required type, the next ship type is selected according to the above-mentioned sequence.
  • Bots added until there are eight players on each team.

All standard rules of matchmaking apply:

  • The setup of a bot team mirrors a player team.
  • There may be no more than one carrier on each team.


  • Minor changes in ships’ geometry and textures: Duguay-Trouin, Saipan, and Hsienyang
  • Tirpitz: We added a rangefinder to be mounted on the ship along with the Halloween-inspired Magnus camo
  • Wickes: Fixed a bug causing the first-person camera view to descend too low and too close to the water surface or go underwater
  • Ranger: Added 20% bonus to protection of steering gear against HE shell damage
  • Shchors: Increased the thickness of the aft-end armour plating from 13mm to 16mm
  • Giulio Cesare: Reduced arming threshold for AP main gun shells to 53mm and for AP shells from secondary battery to 20mm
  • Leningrad: Increased normalization angle for AP shells from 8 to 10 degrees
  • Fixed bugs causing the camera to move to empty spaces instead of required ship elements when closely viewing a Halloween Camo-clad ship’s secondary battery in Port
  • Updated Yamato exterior by increasing the number of fine details on guns and rangefinders
  • Fixed Yamato main gun turn angles due to replacement of the gun models (-2 degrees to gunfire sectors for third main turret, +2 degrees to gunfire sectors for second main turret)
  • Charles Martel: added animation for the aft-end radar rotation
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to buy out a rented Premium ship with a Commander, in absence of a vacant place in the Reserve
  • Added new effects for the destruction of the airdrome in “The Ultimate Frontier” Operation
  • Added “Attack” markers for the key ships of “The Ultimate Frontier” Operation: the aircraft carrier Raptor, destroyers Whiskey as well as ships designated as targets in the task requiring players to destroy two ships that are being attacked by the airfield squadrons within the allocated time. Destroying these ships when the marker is displayed above them will count towards your individual progress for the “Exterminator”, “Raider”, and “Ravager” achievements
  • Changed the priority order for the display of detection icons. The highest priority will be assigned to detection by Surveillance Radar and Hydroacoustic Search; next are icons showing detection by ships and, eventually, detection by air provided there is no danger of detection by other means
  • Fixed a bug allowing the possibility of mounting the Defensive AA Fire Modification 1 upgrade on the battleship Duke of York. If this upgrade was mounted, it will be moved to the Inventory
  • Disabled the New Year-inspired ship horn sirens. Horns will now produce their regular, standard sounds
  • “Ranked Battles” filter has been removed from the carousel filter of game modes. When Ranked Battles game type is chosen, ships available for this type are filtered automatically.

New Content

Developers, Supertesters and other special contributors can test U.S. Tier VI destroyer Monaghan, British Tier VII destroyer Cossack, and Japanese Tier VIII destroyer Asashio.

With Update 0.7.1, only the following ships will be available for purchase in-game with Doubloons, and from the Premium Shop:

  • Alabama
  • Tirpitz
  • Perth
  • Kii
  • Duca  d’Aosta
  • Lo Yang
  • Leningrad
  • Atago
  • De Grasse
  • Hood
  • Yubari
  • Sims
  • Molotov
  • Graf Spee
  • Blyskawica

The ships remaining on regular sale are the most popular and “comfortable” to play, while other ships are to be periodically available for purchase.

Tier IX battleship Musashi was added to the Japanese Tech Tree. This ship can be purchased with Free XP only (750,000 Free XP).

Bring Home Mighty Mo

Now’s your chance to pick up the US Tier IX USS Missouri for in-game Free XP — it’s departing on the release of Update 0.7.2 as we roll out Musashi, the new Tier IX battleship that can also be acquired with Free XP. We decided that two ships occupying the same niche at the same time is one too many. Get grinding, you can still get Missouri for another month.

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