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World of Warships Update

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d9c0d19a-2f13-11e7-8b1b-ac162d8bc1e4_660x Patch Notes

Balance Corrections

  • The power and firing range of the 57mm /60 ACAD Mle 1951 AA weapons for the cruiser Henri IV were increased: damage per second was changed from 97 to 204 and range from 3.5 km to 4.5 km.
  • Maximum speed was increased from 35 to 39 knots for the cruiser Émile Bertin.

Production Test Only

  • Hood:
    • Now, defensive AA increases the intensity of fire of only UP AA Rocket Mark I (the accuracy of squadron fire is decreased only within the UP AA Rocket Mark I engagement area). The intensity was increased 25 fold; defensive AA fire is active for one minute (60 seconds).
    • When superstructures, casemates, service spaces above casemates, plates, and hulls are hit, the rate of restored HP is increased from 0.5 to 0.6.
    • AP shell fuse arming delay is up to 0.15 seconds (was up to 0.33 seconds).
    • AP shell ricochet angles are similar to the 203 mm AP shell ricochet angles on U.S. heavy cruisers.
    • Turret rotation speed was increased to 6 degrees per second (previously 5 degrees per second).
    • Rudder shift time was decreased to 13.4 seconds (previously 15.8 seconds).
    • Firing range was increased by 1 km (18,570 m).
  • Kaga: The distance between the first and the second torpedo bomber lines is increased by 15 metres, from 300 to 315 metres.

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