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World of Warships: Update 0.11.2 Content and Datamining

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been quite a while since I did one of these articles. This time, since there are quite a few new additions to the game, I thought that I might give it a shot again. Update 0.11.2 is bringing a lot of content when you look at it. There is the early access for Italian destroyers, the Rogue Wave event rerun (though without Benham), there is the April Fool and even… a collaboration with Hot Wheels. I would have been hyped for the last one but the content is just so, SO underwhelming…

Italian Destroyers Early Access Part 1

The first major addition of Update 0.11.2 is the beginning of the early access for Italian destroyers. The event called “Clash of Courage” will work in a similar way to the New Year’s Eve, Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry and Battle of the Beasts events.

There will be 4 different teams competing against each other and in each team, you will be able to get a special patch and a special commander with 6 skill points.

The teams will be:

  • Soldati e Capitani

“The ships of this team are named after military professions and Roman generals.”

By clearing all 5 milestones, you will get the commander Salvatore Capitano as well as the Soldati e Capitani patch.

  • Navigatori e Poeti

“This team consists of ships named after great navigators and cultural luminaries”

By clearing all 5 milestones, you will get the commander Paolo Navigatore as well as the Navigatori e Poeti patch.

  • Patroioti e Battaglia

“The ships of this team are named to commemorate battles and prominent figures of the period of Unification of Italy”

By clearing all 5 milestones, you will get the commander Bruno Battaglia as well as the Patroioti e Battaglia patch.

  • Dardo e Folgore

“The names of all the ships in this team translate from Italian as “arrow” or “lightning”.”

By clearing all 5 milestones, you will get the commander Domenico Folgore as well as the Dardo e Folgore patch.

For clearing the milestones on one of the teams, you will also get a special achievement called “Clash of Courage” as well as a commemorative flag.

While clearing the milestones, you will also get the Italian tokens that will be used to unlock the access to the Italian destroyers as well as their respective camouflages (that look absolutely amazing by the way.):

These camouflages have just the right amount of style without going over the top like the German battlecruisers and the Eagle head on their bow.

FR25 is also getting a special camouflage:

During the event, you will also be able to earn the consumable camouflage called “Field of Tuscany” that gives +100% XP and +200% Free XP on top of the standard bonuses.

Finally, the port of Taranto will be redecorated for the event.

St. Patrick’s Day

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we are getting permanent camouflages for Belfast and Belfast ’43.

We are also getting a special commander called Leprechaun as well as a new patch. We will also be able to get a commemorative flag but that one has been around for ages.

Rogue Wave

After a very long time, the Battle Royal-like Rogue Wave event has returned. Just like the last time, you can participate alone or in divisions of up to three players and fight in a constantly shrinking arena with ships presenting various capacities and playstyles. To make it easier to recognize which type of ship/faction you are dealing with, a special paint job was applied for each of them.

Sadly this time, there will not be a grind to get Benham so it will purely be for the fun of it and to collect the new achievements. As of right now, I’m not sure of the requirements for the various achievements but based on their names, it is possible to at least have a guess.

  • Three ways to kill: Probably getting a kill with the guns, torpedoes and a ram in a single match
  •  Collector: No idea here but could be about getting a certain number of those aerial drops
  •  Double kill: Pretty self-explanatory here, getting 2 kills in a short time
  • Engineer: No idea here but could be about unlocking all ships
  •  Hi from Hell: It’s definitely related to being outside of the safe zone. I guess that it can be about getting a kill while being outside the zone
  •  Long time: Absolutely no idea here
  •  Ram: Obvious enough I think
  •  Winner team: Getting a win with all 3 ships in your team alive
  •  Sweet port: No idea at all

Obviously, the Flooded City port will also be back.

Hot Wheels Collaboration

Soooo…. yeah.

We are getting a collaboration with the famous brand of scale model cars and slot car racing. When I first read about it, I was quite hyped to get a bindable camouflage with a Hot road pattern and… boy, was I disappointed.

We are getting a total of 3 permanent camouflages, 2 special commanders and a bunch of patches and flags. The worst part is that the ships getting the camouflages are Gneisenau, Fubuki and Hill. Two ships people care very little about and one Premium ship that you see once every 31st of February. The worst part is that Gneisenau looks absolutely amazing with that camouflage…



Special Commanders

Changes to Submarines

The submarines are coming back in testing after the break that we had and they received substantial changes. Overall, it is actually looking really nice, especially in terms of counterplay with the visible ping beams coming at your ship as well as the oil leaks to determine the position of a submarine.

Considering how extensive the changes are, I invite you to read the devblog that covers them: Submarine in 0.11.2

Additional Content

New Commander

As an unannounced addition, we are getting a new British commander called Havelock. For those who remember, it’s the guy from the Lighthouse auction. This could potentially mean that it will be one of the next items available for auction. It…. kinda sounds odd since it would mean that the guy would be… selling himself? Anyway.

New Permanent Camouflage

Ragnar is getting her own special permanent camouflage that will be available in exchange for Ranked Tokens.

New Flags

We are first getting a whole bunch of flags for the April Fool but also, the usual commemorative flags for new premiums and another I have absolutely no idea about.

  • Netherland
  • Pan-Asia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • U.S.A
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • U.S.S.R
  • Latino Tournament
  • Mecklenburg
  • Iwami
  • Toulon

This concludes my article on the upcoming additions that Update 0.11.2 will bring to us. Don’t worry, I will cover everything regarding new ships later.

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Have a good one and see you soon!

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