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World of Warships – Tech Tree Changes for Soviet Destroyers

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Hello everyone,

More details about the previously announced have been posted by Wargaming. These changes should most probably be expected next patch, so start preparing for these changes. I’ll post more information as soon as it’s available.


The Soviet destroyer branch gets a new sub-branch in a future update. Starting at tier VIII, the branch splits into “Destroyer Leaders” and “Artillery Destroyers,” thought changes begin at tier V. Check out Podvoisky, Minsk, and Grozovoy!

At the beginning, the Soviet destroyer branch was quite diverse, but as higher tiers were partially represented by “Destroyer Leaders,” players had to master several play styles on their way up the Soviet destroyer line.

This also disrupted the “historical chronology” of the ships due to the production capabilities and blueprints available at the time we released the branch. Now we’re making these destroyer lines more historical with the two more consistent research paths.

Main Branch

The changes start at tier V with the appearance of the 1929 project Podvoisky. There’s a linear increase in ship size and a more natural gameplay progression as you make your way to tier X on the main destroyer branch. Starting at tier VII, the branch is exclusively “Destroyer Leaders:” large and fast ships using cruiser-like artillery.

New Branch

The destroyers Ognevoi and Udaloi leave the main destroyer branch of the Soviet tech tree and join Grozovoy (a representative of the 40N Project) on the other sub-branch. These ships play more like “classic” destroyers close to the German destroyer line. With Ognevoi moving from tier VI to VIII, we’ll add more modern guns similar to Udaloi’s.

At tier VII, you now have a choice: keep researching the original “Destroyer Leaders” or diverge and take on the classic destroyer line. Better yet, each branch has its own set of consumables for more tactical options.

If you’ve researched or purchased any of the ships we’re changing, you won’t need to research or purchase them again.

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