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World of Warships Supertest: USS Charleston

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The third USS Charleston (C-22/CA-19) was a United States Navy St. Louis-class protected cruiser. She was launched 23 January 1904 by Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Newport News, Virginia, sponsored by Miss Helen Whaley Rhett, and commissioned on 17 October 1905, Captain Cameron McRae Winslow in command. She was reclassified CA-19 on 17 July 1920.

On the day of America’s entry into World War I on 6 April 1917, Charleston was placed in full commission, and early in May reported for duty with the Patrol Force in the Caribbean. Based on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, she patrolled for commerce raiders through the month of May, then sailed north carrying Marines from Haiti to Philadelphia. In September–October 1918, she made two convoy escort voyages to Nova Scotia, then joined the Cruiser and Transport Force, with which she made five voyages to France carrying occupation troops overseas and returning with combat veterans.

Charleston sailed from Philadelphia for the west coast on 23 July 1919, reaching Bremerton on 24 August. Here she was placed in reduced commission until late in 1920 when she arrived in San Diego to serve as an administrative flagship for Commander, Destroyer Squadrons, Pacific Fleet. She served on this duty until 4 June 1923, when she sailed for Puget Sound Navy Yard and decommissioned on 4 December 1923. She was sold on 6 March 1930. She was stripped down to the waterline and then sold to the Powell River Company, Ltd. On 25 October 1930, the ship was towed to Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, to serve as a floating breakwater for a large logging mill.

In 1961, heavy weather caused the Charleston to partially flood, and her hull was towed to Kelsey Bay, on the north coast of Vancouver Island. The hulk was run ashore to serve as a breakwater, where she can be seen to this day.


USS Charleston will be introduced as a Premium Tier III cruiser, more details as soon as they are available.

Tier III
Hit Points 29,500 HP
Plating N/A
Main Battery 14×1 152 mm
Firing Range 12,4 km
Maximum HE Shell Damage 2,100 HP
Chance to Cause Fire 7%
Maximum AP Shell Damage 3,000 HP
Reload Time 9.0s
180 Degree Turn Time 22.5s
Maximum Dispersion 119 m
HE Initial Velocity 853 m/s
AP Initial Velocity 853 m/s
Sigma 1.8 ?
Maximum Speed 22 kt.
Turning Circle Radius 450 m
Rudder Shift Time 8.5s
Surface Detectability 11,0 km
Air Detectability 6,3 km
Detectability After Firing Main Gus in Smoke 5,0 km
Available Consumables Damage Control Party

Please Note
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.