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World of Warships Supertest: US Cruisers Changes & New Branch

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Wargaming is currently working on some changes for the US Cruisers branch. The main change will be introduction of a second branch, starting at Tier VI USS Dallas and ending at Tier X USS Worcester.

The current branch will also suffer quite a lot of changes, with Cleveland moving to the new branch, other warships moving to a lower tier and the introduction of USS Buffalo as a brand new Tier IX.

Please Note: All information presented in this article is still Work in Progress and it’s subject to changes without warning.

US Cruisers

Main Changes

US Cruisers First Branch

  • Cleveland moved to Second Branch.
  • Pensacola moved from Tier VII to Tier VI.
  • New Orleans moved from Tier VIII to Tier VII.
  • Baltimore moved from Tier IX to Tier VIII.
  • Bufalo introduced as Tier IX.
  • Des Moines receives no changes.

US Cruisers Second Branch

  • Dallas introduced as Tier VI.
  • Helena introduced as Tier VII.
  • Cleveland introduced as Tier VIII.
  • Seatle introduced as Tier IX.
  • Worcester introduced as Tier X.


Source: World of Warships CIS Facebook

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest: US Cruisers Changes & New Branch

  1. I have Cleveland, Baltimore and Des Moines in my line, following the logic of the Russian and Japanese destroyers, which ships will I earn for free with this change?

  2. So someone answer me this: the USS Buffalo historically had 152 mm guns.. how does that fit in the Heavy Cruiser branch? Did they accidentally switch the Buffalo and the Seattle in the picture? Because as of right now, we have no stats on the USS Seattle(which only existed as a Tennessee cl*** armored cruiser, which obviously isn’t the one at T9). Also what ever happened to the USS Wichita? I thought they were adding that. Possible premium??

  3. Well, the Buffalo was in the game a while back with the 203’s, so there should not be a problem in it’s place on the line except maybe the torpedoes…

  4. After the split you should end up with Tier VI Pensacola and Dallas, Tier VIII Baltimore and Cleveland, Tier IX Buffalo and Seattle, Tier X Des Moines and Worcester.

    Also if you don’t already have permacamo for your Cleveland, buying it before the split would be a good idea since that gets you a Tier VIII permacamo for the Tier VI price of 1000 doubloons.

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