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World of Warships Supertest: Tier IX British Destroyer Jutland

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HMS Jutland (D62) was Battle-class fleet destroyer of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy. She was named after the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of the First World War. The first Jutland was launched in 1945, but was cancelled that same year. Her sister-ship, Malplaquet – named after a battle between Britain and France during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1709 – was renamed Jutland just prior to her launch on 20 February 1946, and was commissioned on 30 July 1947. The original Jutland was finally broken up in 1957 at Rosyth.


3D Preview

Please Note
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.


GeneralMain BatteryTorpedo TubesAir DefenseConsumables
Hit points18 400 HP
Main battery
Maximum firing range13 211 m
114 mm/45 Mk IV?3 x 2 114 mm
Torpedo tubes
533 mm PR Mk IV?2 x 5 533 mm
Air defense
114 mm/45 Mk IV?3 x 2 114 mm
40 mm Bofors Boffin?3 x 1 40 mm
40 mm STAAG?1 x 2 40 mm
40 mm Bofors Mk V?1 x 2 40 mm
Maximum speed34.0 kt
Turning radius610 m
Rudder shift time5.5 s
Surface detectability range7.02 km
Air detectability range4.08 km
Detectability after firing in smoke2.40 km
Propulsion50 000 hp
114 mm/45 Mk IV
Guns?2 x 114 mm
Reloading time3.5 s
Sigma2.00 ?
Horizontal Dispersion50
Vertical Spread110
Traverse Speed20
Vertical traverse rate20
Type of projectileHE
Alpha damage1 700
Alpha piercing HE19
Explosion size0.38
Burn prob0.08
Projectile speed746 m/s
Air drag0.329
Projectile mass24.95
Projectile krupp1
Type of projectileAP
Alpha damage2 100
Alpha piercing HE0
Explosion size0
Burn prob-0.5
Projectile speed746 m/s
Air drag0.3296
Projectile mass25
Projectile krupp1 600
533 mm PR Mk IV
Torpedoes?5 x 533 mm
Reloading time120 s
Traverse Speed25
Vertical traverse rate25
Torpedo angles4.8 – 16
Arming time1
Alpha damage43 300
Maximum Damage15 533
Alpha piercing HE1 000
Speed62 kt
Max distance10.0 km
Surface detectability range1.3 km
Alert distance100
Explosion size1.2
UW Critical2.59
Running depth2.10 m

Instead of choosing between wide and narrow spreads, captains can choose to fire off individual torpedoes or expend the entire launcher at once.

114 mm/45 Mk IV ( 3 x 2 114 mm )
Antiair aura0.45
Maximum firing range5.0 km
Reloading time5
40 mm Bofors Boffin ( 3 x 1 40 mm )
Antiair aura0.26
Maximum firing range3.5 km
Reloading time0.5
40 mm STAAG ( 1 x 2 40 mm )
Antiair aura0.25
Maximum firing range3.5 km
Reloading time0.5
40 mm Bofors Mk V ( 1 x 2 40 mm )
Antiair aura0.12
Maximum firing range3.5 km
Reloading time0.5

?Damage Control Party I

?Smoke Generator I

?Engine Boost I

?Damage Control Party II

?Smoke Generator II

?Engine Boost II

?Hydroacoustic Search I

?Hydroacoustic Search II