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World of Warships Supertest: Tier II British Destroyer Medea

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The Medea class were a class of destroyers that were being built for the Greek Navy at the outbreak of World War I but were taken over and completed for the Royal Navy for wartime service. All were named after characters from Greek mythology as result of their Greek heritage.

The Medeas were a private design roughly similar to their various Royal Navy M-class contemporaries. They had three funnels, the foremost of which was taller, and unusually, the mainmast was taller than the foremast, giving rise to a distinctive appearance. They shipped three single QF 4 inch guns, one on the forecastle, one between the first two funnels and the third on the quarterdeck.


3D Preview

Please Note
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.


GeneralMain BatteryTorpedo TubesAir DefenseConsumables
Hit points8 700
Main battery
Maximum firing range8.8 km
102 mm/45 QF Mk V?3 x 1 102 mm
Torpedo tubes
533 mm Mk I?2 x 2 533 mm
Air defense
40 mm/39 QF Mark II?2 x 1 40 mm
Maximum speed32.0 kt
Turning radius460 m
Rudder shift time3 s
Surface detectability range5.4 km
Air detectability range2.4 km
Detectability after firing in smoke1.7 km
Propulsion23 000 hp
102 mm/45 QF Mk V
Guns?1 x 102 mm
Reloading time5 s
Horizontal Dispersion50
Vertical Spread110
Traverse Speed10
Vertical traverse rate8
Type of projectileHE
Alpha damage1 500
Alpha piercing HE17
Explosion size0.3
Burn prob0.06
Projectile speed811
Air drag0.3142
Projectile mass15.88
Projectile krupp3
Type of projectileAP
Alpha damage1 800
Alpha piercing HE0
Explosion size0
Burn prob-0.5
Projectile speed811
Air drag0.3142
Projectile mass17.35
Projectile krupp1 374
533 mm Mk I
Torpedoes?2 x 533 mm
Reloading time53
Traverse Speed25
Vertical traverse rate25
Torpedo angles2.4 – 8
Max HP1 200
Arming time1
Alpha damage27 300
Alpha piercing HE1 000
Max distance6.0 km
Surface detectability range1.1
Alert distance100
Explosion size0.9
UW Critical1.6
Running depth2.10 m

Instead of choosing between wide and narrow spreads, captains can choose to fire off individual torpedoes or expend the entire launcher at once.

40 mm/39 QF Mark II ( 2 x 1 40 mm )
Antiair aura0.11
Maximum firing range2.5 km
Reloading time0.5

?Damage Control Party I

?Smoke Generator I

?Engine Boost I

?Damage Control Party II

?Smoke Generator II

?Engine Boost II


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  1. Are you sure that torpedo damage is correct? This thing can almost one-shot any DD with these torps if true… xD

  2. Alpha Damage is not the same as the actual listed damage. Rather it’s just one part in calculating the damage total.

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