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World of Warships Supertest: Spanish Tier I Cruiser Jupiter

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Historical background

The Jupiter-class was a group of four minelayers serving in the Spanish Navy and built during the time of the Spanish Republic. Jupiter herself entered service in 1937, right in the middle of the Spanish Civil War. As such, she started her career on the side of the Rebel faction which was the Nationalists led by Franco. Because the Rebel fleet had a limited number of fighting units, Jupiter and two of her sisters weren’t employed as mine layers but instead as fighting units against the Government forces.

During the entire Civil War, Jupiter took part in multiple blockade operations as well as shore bombardment missions, partially to support troop landing.

In the 1950s, she and her sister Vulcano were reclassified as frigates and modernized with more modern anti-submarine and anti-aircraft equipment. She would continue to serve until she was scrapped in 1974.

Ship’s preview

For the classic reminder, this is a ship in testing, anything can change so don’t look at her like she would already be released.


Gun Fire Control System
Main battery




Propulsion: 10 500 HP


‎SCI Mk I Mod. 1


120 mm/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk.F on a shielded mount

General Characteristics and Playstyle

Health7 400 HP
Torpedo Damage Reduction0 %
Displacement2 600 tons
Overall length100.1 m
Beam12.6 m
Overall height (keel to the highest point on the ship)13.9 m
Freeboard4.1 m
Main Armament
Maximum Firing Range9.075 km
120 mm/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk.F on a shielded mount4 x 1 120 mm
Maximum speed18.5 knots
Turning Circle Radius340 m
Rudder Shift Time3.7 s
Surface Detectability7.3 km
Air Detectability5.08 km
Detectability After Firing Main Guns in Smoke2.69 km
Slot 1
Damage Control Party
consumable_PCY009_CrashCrewPremiumWork time: 5 s
Cooldown: 25 s

Main Armament

4 x 1 120 mm/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk.F on a shielded mount
 Maximum Firing Range9.075 km
 Reloading Time4.5 s
180 Degree Turn Time18.0 s
Optimal firing angles at the front40°
Optimal firing angles at the rear40°
Sigma2.0 sigma
Maximum Dispersion83 m
Type of Projectile HE – 120 mm proiettili HE 1926
Alpha Damage850
Penetration capacity 20 mm
Explosion size5.6 m
Fire chance5 %
Projectile Speed808 m/s
Air Drag0.393
Projectile Mass22.68 kg

Anti-air Armament

2 x 1 76 mm/40 Ansaldo Model 1916 on an RM1916 mount
Sector firing range0.1 km – 3.0 km
Hit chance90 %
Sector’s damage3
Sector’s damage frequency0.29 s
Sector’s damage per second11
3 x 1 20 mm/65 C/38 on an L/30 single mount
Sector firing range0.1 km – 2.0 km
Hit chance85 %
Sector’s damage9
Sector’s damage frequency0.29 s
Sector’s damage per second32

The Armor

External armor protection:

Personal Opinion

Sorry folks, ain’t got no clue about the state of tier I these days.

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