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World of Warships Supertest: Soviet Superbattleship Admiral Ushakov

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Historical background

Admiral Ushakov is POSSIBLY based on one of the variants of the Project 24 of battleship from the Soviet Union. The same project from which emerged Kremlin that we all know… and love… I guess. More precisely, it could be one of the fourteen variants from after 1948, when work on Project 24 was transferred from TsKB-17 to TsKB-L. Among these variants, some had a displacement reaching 100 000 tons for a speed of 28 to 29 knots.

Without more detailed information, it is however hard to confirm or deny that possible origing.

In any case, I have to thank Kremlin_Lover (Gee I wonder why he called himself like that) for sharing his knowledge on the subject.

Special Ability

Alternative firing mode settings:

  • Duration: 25 s
  • Hits required: 9
  • Main battery firing range: +10%
  • Main battery dispersion: -30%

Ship’s preview

For the classic reminder, this is a ship in testing, anything can change so don’t look at her like she would already be released.


Gun Fire Control System
Main battery


Admiral Ushakov


Propulsion: 320 000 HP


‎GFCS XI mod. 1


457 mm/55 on a SM-45 mount

General Characteristics

Health135 300 HP
Torpedo Damage Reduction35 %
Displacement105 036 tons
Overall length338.83 m
Beam43.61 m
Overall height (keel to the highest point on the ship)39.0 m
Freeboard6.8 m
Main Armament
Maximum Firing Range21.300 km
457 mm/55 on a SM-45 mount3 x 3 457 mm
Secondary Armament
Maximum Firing Range7.300 km
130 mm/58 on a BL-132B mount
8 x 4 130 mm
Maximum speed30.0 knots
Turning Circle Radius1 290 m
Rudder Shift Time21.7 s
Surface Detectability17.78 km
Air Detectability16.43 km
Detectability After Firing Main Guns in Smoke19.55 km

Main Armament

3 x 3 457 mm/55 on a SM-45 mount
 Maximum Firing Range21.300 km
 Reloading Time33.0 s
180 Degree Turn Time30.0 s
Optimal firing angles at the front29°
Optimal firing angles at the rear27°
Sigma1.8 sigma
Maximum Dispersion286 m
Type of Projectile HE – 457 mm HE Model 1946
Alpha Damage6 500
Penetration capacity 76 mm
Explosion size2.99
Fire chance45 %
Projectile Speed800 m/s
Air Drag0.24
Projectile Mass1 373.0 kg
Type of ProjectileAP – 457 mm AP Model 1946
Alpha Damage14 500
Projectile Speed800 m/s
Air Drag0.256
Projectile Mass1 373.0 kg
Projectile Krupp2 500
Projectile Detonator0.033 s
Detonator threshold76 mm
Ricochet Angles45° – 60°

Secondary Armament

8 x 4 130 mm/58 on a BL-132B mount
Maximum Firing Range7.300 km
Reloading Time4.5 s
Sigma1.0 sigma
Type of ProjectileHE – HE-46
Alpha Damage1 900
HE penetration22 mm
Explosion Size0.45
Chance to Cause Fire8 %
Projectile Speed900 m/s
Air Drag0.255
Projectile Mass33.4 kg

Anti-air Armament

8 x 4 130 mm/58 on a BL-132B mount
Sector range0.1 km – 6.0 km
Hit chance75 %
Sector’s damage98
Sector’s damage frequency0.29 s
Sector’s damage per second343
Flak clouds number12
Flak cloud damage1 890
12 x 4 57 mm ZIF-75 mount
Sector range0.1 km – 4.0 km
Hit chance75 %
Sector’s damage133
Sector’s damage frequency0.29 s
Sector’s damage per second466
14 x 4 25 mm 110-PM on a 4М-120 mount
Sector range0.1 km – 2.0 km
Hit chance70 %
Sector’s damage84
Sector’s damage frequency0.29 s
Sector’s damage per second221


Slot 1
Slot 2
Fast Damage Control Team
Number of charges: 4
Work time: 10 s
Cooldown: 40 s
Repair Party
Number of charges: 3
Work time: 28 s
Cooldown: 80 s
HP regeneration speed: +0.5%/s
Casemate damage regeneration: 50%
Citadel damage regeneration: 10%

The Armor

External armor protection:

Front and rear armor protection of the middle section:

Main belt:

Hidden deck:

Citadel armor protection:

Turrets armor protection:

Hidden armor protection inside the bow and stern:

Personal Opinion

If you thought that Kremlin wasn’t tanky enough, well hopefully Ushakov will fit the bill. The ship is the very definition of a Behemoth of steel with incredible armor protection may it be against AP or HE shells.

While she doesn’t get any sort of raw increase to her firepower compared to Kremlin, she at least gets a Combat Instruction that gives her better dispersion and more range for one salvo (maybe two if you are at low HP with Adrenaline Rush kicking in).

As a side note, her anti-air is also quite scary with AA mounts.

In any case, as of right now, Ushakov definitely sounds like a Kremlin on steroids. However, her gigantic size might be a non-neglectable downside. We will see how it goes.

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