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World of Warships Supertest: National Naval Flags

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Small update from World of Warships Supertest. Wargaming is planning to add an option to switch to national naval flags for Pan-Asian and Commonwealth ships. For example, Gadjah Mada can use the Indonesian naval flag and Perth – the Australian.

No plans to change any other nations flags with historical correct ones. Still, a nice addition where players from these nations will be able to have their flags on their favourite ships.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest: National Naval Flags

  1. for reall….no historical flags, oh so you can have soviet flag but cant have others, racists.

  2. I wouldn’t mind having the Rising Sun flag. It was just some butthurt whiny Korean crybabies who always complain seeing that flag.

  3. well your post is quite insulting, and its not only the “butthurt” Koreans, but also Chinese,Taiwanese, Indonesian and the list can go one, from all the territories the Imperial japan occupied during WWII and commited attrocities…

    while i am mature enough to see historical emblems, i cant insult those who suffered from such emblems.
    but why we dont ban the Roman Empire’s symbols, they done so many attrocities. Also ban Turkish flags for all their genocides. It doesnt make sence to ban symbols. Banning them you tie them with the attrocities and to those who support racist beliefs, offering them a symbol…

  4. They should do this long time ago since when Chinese whining about seeing ROC flag in WoWs in Steam. WG, instead, replaces all flags in Pan-Asian into Chinese Dragon flag on all server others than Steam cilent which also caused outrage among nations which their flags got replaced.

    And in case if you’re wondering; WG will never puts Third Reich and Rising Sun flag into their game, since it violates the Russian law.

  5. It’s still immoral to keep the Hammer & Sickle symbol in the game. Censor the Kriegsmarine flag but not the Soviet one? Double standards.

  6. Actually it was only the South Korean playerbase that demanded the Rising Sun flag be removed. The only thing that offended the Chinese was the ROC flag and WG mentioning Taiwan as an independent country when they announced Pan Asian DDs.

  7. That’s because it’s symbol of Pride of Mother Russia, you know
    Even though WG is actually Byelorussian, they’re still a part of CIS aka old Soviet states.

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