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World of Warships Supertest: Japanese Battleship Musashi – Tier IX

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Musashi was one of two Yamato-class battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy, beginning in the late 1930s. Commissioned in mid-1942, Musashi was modified to serve as the flagship of the Combined Fleet, and spent the rest of the year working up. The ship was transferred to Truk in early 1943 and sortied several times that year with the fleet in unsuccessful searches for American forces. She was used to

She was used to transfer forces and equipment between Japan and various occupied islands several times in 1944. Torpedoed in early 1944 by an American submarine, Musashi was forced to return to Japan for repairs, where the navy greatly augmented her anti-aircraft armament. She was present during the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June, but did not come in contact with American surface forces. Musashi was sunk by an estimated 19 torpedo and 17 bomb hits from American carrier-based aircraft on 24 October 1944 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.


Musashi will be introduced to the game as a Tier IX Battleship, but no  details if it will be a Premium, Reward or Regular warship. All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers, and are subject to change before the final release.

Initial Stats

Tier 9
Hit Points 97,300
Plating 32 mm
Belt 200-410 mm
Main battery 3×3 460 mm
Firing range 26.5 km
HE damage 7,300
AP damage 14,800
Reload time 35 s
180 degree turn time 72 s
Maximum dispersion 275 m
HE initial velocity 805 m/s
AP initial velocity 780 m/s
Maximum speed 27.0 kt
Turning circle radius 900 m
Rudder shift time 18.7 s
Surface detectability 17.5 km
Air detectability 16.0 km
Detectability after firing in Smoke
19.3 km

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest: Japanese Battleship Musashi – Tier IX

  1. This is just stupid. Why don’t they just make her a tier X, which she actually is? Another Yamato that has less AA but slightly better secondary.

  2. Seconds of it are very poor, and it speaks of improved AA, but watch the deck and note complete absence of them … It will be a complicated ship 🙂

  3. Just make it T10, don’t downscale the ship… Don’t need to be a Clan Battle/Ranked reward…

    Compared to Yamato:
    100 less HP
    5 sec higher gun reload
    3.4 sec faster rudder shift time
    0.5 km lower surface detectability range

    Don’t see why they want to nerf this ship and make Yamato more viable?????

  4. For these who think that this will be an op t9 ship .Yamato have 2.1 sigma witch make it a great accurate gunner and make up for the loss of the 3 guns the other t10 ships got . well mushashi will take just 1.5 sigma witch is way worst than most german ships.. the accuracy of mushashi will be terrible with high reload time . the secondary will be had and have more ap guns and less he than yamato so secondary build is out of question and as maneuverability it will be one of the worst ships for t9 and in endire game.So i ask that is the big guns of mushashi gonna help it be op or it will be a drawback with so many overpens and low,inaccurate hit ratio especialy if you happen to fight lower tier ships ?

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