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World of Warships Supertest Information #3

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Changes in flight control for the USN aircraft carriers.

All the USN aircraft carriers will switch to a single flight control. This will increase the line’s versatility, while keeping each ship’s unique traits. Moreover, there is now a choice of AP bombs for Lexington (tier VIII), Essex (tier IX) and Midway (tier X), allowing for even more tactical variation.

Modernization slot distribution changes.

Modernizations will now be assigned to slots according to the modernization price, starting from the cheapest, ending with the most expensive. The following distribution is adopted:

  • 1st slot – 125 000
  • 2nd slot – 250 000
  • 3rd slot – 500 000
  • 4th slot – 1 000 000
  • 5th slot – 2 000 000
  • 6th slot – 3 000 000

All the modernizations already installed on the ships will remain there, only their order will change.

Damage Control Party consumable chance of catching fires for carriers.

Increased active time of the Damage Control Party consumable for all the carriers in the game from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Chance of catching a fire from HE shells is now equal to tier VI base carrier hulls.

This will lower the need for carrier commanders to hunt down other carriers. Moreover, increased active time of the consumable will allow to get a few squadrons airborne even under a rain of HE shells. However, there is a bigger chance to catch a fire even from smaller caliber guns on higher tiers, while the consumable is not active.