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World of Warships Supertest Information #2

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More information from World of Warhips Supertest, this time changes to Smoke for British Cruisers, Fire Extinguising time, AA Mechanics and several ship stats changes. Please remember, these changes aren’t final and are subject to change before final release.

Source: World of Warships Developers Blog


Ship Stats Changes

  • Iwaki Alpha: Hydroacoustic Search consumable added to a separate slot, firing range increased by 500 m;
  • Arkansas Beta: firing range for the secondary armament increased to 4,5 km, its accuracy significantly boosted;
  • Chester: engine bay armour increased, close-range firing accuracy increased;
  • Orlan: minimal redistribution of hit points across the ship’s extremities and superstructure, main turret reload time decreased to 4,3 seconds;
  • Bougainville: minimal redistribution of hit points across the ship’s extremities and superstructure, max damage with HE shell increased to 1400.
  • T-22: main battery base firing range decreased to 9,1 km, detectability from planes decreased to 2,6 km, detectability from ships decreased to 6.5 km
  • Podvoisky: reload time for the main battery decreased to 8,1 seconds
  • Kirov: reload time for the main turret decreased to 13.5 seconds, initial shell velocity increased to 920 m/s
  • Krasny Krym: main turret reload time is decreased to 8,1 seconds
  • Nicholas: aiming angles increased for torpedo launchers, third turret on Hull B and fourth turret on Hull C when firing forward.


Smoke Generator – British cruisers

Smoke generator set up time for British cruisers increased from 7 seconds to 15. This change will allow players to use the Smoke Generator more efficiently and conceal their cruisers, even if the consumable is activated at higher speeds.


Fire Extinguishing Time

Fires will now be extinguished in 30 seconds instead of 60 on all tiers of destroyers and cruisers, except for Admiral Graf Spee, for which the new number will be 45 seconds. This change is designed to make the low tier gameplay more comfortable for the new players and to reduce the difference between the Repair Party I and Repair Party II consumables.


AA Mechanics

Ship detectability while using AA guns is always equal to the maximum range of those guns. This change will eliminate the situations wherein the ships with low detectability range can fire at planes without being spotted.

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