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World of Warships Supertest Information #10

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Japanese Ship Camouflages

Most of the Japanese ships will now have a choice of secondary color for their permanent camouflages. To unlock this feature, players will need to complete the “Yamamoto Isoroku” subcollections. Subcollections are tied to particular ship classes:

  • Uniform – Japanese destroyers
  • Uniform Items – Japanese cruisers
  • Rewards – Japanese battleships
  • Ships – Japanese carriers


Local Weather

In “Hermes” scenario a new game mechanic is introduced. Local weather will move over the map and help the players protect the convoy of ships loaded with gold from the German attacks at particular points in the scenario.

Local weather will affect the ships inside the area in the following ways: decrease ship’s detectability on the surface, from the air, in a smokescreen, decrease vision and time of increased detectability after firing the main batteries (5 seconds instead of 20), increase shell dispersion when firing at ships, that are in the local weather area, by a factor of 1,5 – 2.

French battleship Gascogne, tier VIII

  • Reload time of the main battery is decreased from 30 to 28 seconds.
  • Changes increase ship’s average damage per minute and compensate for nuances of her peculiar turret placement.


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  1. Yes, it’s one of the special skins that will be released with it. Can be used in 3 different french bbs I believe.

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