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World of Warships Supertest: HMAS Vampire Pictures & Initial Stats

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HMAS Vampire was a V-class destroyer of the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Launched in 1917 as HMS Wallace, the ship was renamed and commissioned into the RN later that year.


Vampire was loaned to the RAN in 1933 and operated as a depot tender until just before World War II. Reactivated for war service, the destroyer served in the Mediterranean as part of the Scrap Iron Flotilla and was escorting the British warships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse during their loss to Japanese aircraft in the South China Sea in December 1941.

Vampire was sunk on 9 April 1942 by Japanese aircraft while sailing with the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes from Trincomalee. HMAS Vampire will soon be introduced to World of Warships as a Commonwealth Premium Tier III Destroyer.


Please note the following information is from Supertest Server and it’s subject to change without any warning before the final release.

Initial Stats

Tier 3
Hit Points 9,500
Plating 3-10 mm
Main battery 4×1 102 mm
Firing range 10.1 km
HE damage 1,500
AP damage 1,700
Reload time 5 s
180 degree turn time 18 s
Maximum dispersion 91 m
HE & AP initial velocity 805 m/s
Torpedo tubes 1×3 533 mm
Torpedo range
6 km
Torpedo speed 53 kt
Reload time 62 s
Maximum damage
Maximum speed 34 kt
Turning circle radius 520 m
Rudder shift time 2.5 s
Surface detectability 6.3 km
Air detectability 2 km

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