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World of Warships Supertest: French Battleship Bretagne

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Bretagne was a battleship of the French Navy built in the 1910s, and the lead ship of her class; she had two sister ships, Provence and Lorraine. The ship was laid down in July 1912 at the Arsenal de Brest, launched in April 1913, and commissioned into the fleet in February 1916, after the outbreak of World War I. She was named in honour of the French region of Brittany, and was armed with a main battery of ten 340 mm (13 in) guns.

Tier V French Battleship Bretagne

Bretagne spent the bulk of her career in the French Mediterranean Squadron. During World War I, she was stationed at Corfu to prevent the Austro-Hungarian fleet from leaving the Adriatic Sea, but she saw no action. She remained in service during the 1920s and 1930s, while her sisters were placed in reserve. She participated in non-intervention patrols during the Spanish Civil War. Bretagne escorted convoys after the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, and was stationed in Mers-el-Kébir when France surrendered on 22 June 1940. Fearful that the Germans would seize the French Navy, the British Royal Navy attacked the ships at Mers-el-Kébir; in the attack Bretagne was hit badly and exploded, killing the majority of her crew. The wreck was eventually raised in 1952 and broken up for scrap.

Tier V French Battleship Bretagne

Bretagne will be a regular Tier V battleship, all stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers, and are subject to change before the final release.

*Article updated at 21:50PM on 07/11/2017

Initial Stats

Plating19 mm
Belt160 – 250 mm
Main battery5×2 340 mm
Firing range16.8 km
HE damage4,700
AP damage9,500
Reload time30 s
180 degree turn time60 s
Maximum dispersion231 m
HE initial velocity921 m/s
AP initial velocity780 m/s
Sigma1.8 ?
Maximum speed19.9 kt
Turning circle radius780 m
Rudder shift time17.5 s
Surface detectability15.3 km
Air detectability9.2 km
Detectability after firing in Smoke
12.8 km
Anti-Torpedo Reduction
Damage Control Party / Repair Party

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