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World of Warships Supertest: Deep Water Torpedoes

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The alternative deep water torpedoes mechanics is being tested along with previously announced draught-based version. In this case, the ability to hit a target is determined by target class instead of draught/depth comparison. Thus, Pan-Asian DD DW torpedoes hit battleships, carriers and cruisers only. Another possible implementation are additional IJN Long Lance torpedoes that hit only “big” targets – battleships and carriers.


This solution is considered, because draught-based mechanics leads to noticeable number of exception within the same ship class. For example, at low tiers PA DW torpedoes would not hit Omaha and Kuma, while hitting the rest of cruisers. And on the other hand, possible “anti-capital” torpedoes would inevitably hit Henri IV and Moskva on tier X, along with battleships and carriers.


Whatever the mechanics will be, the advantages of DW for now are low concealment and high flooding chance. The ability to hit a specific target is to be reflected in combat UI and in Port specs.