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World of Warships Supertest: Balance Changes

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Japanese destroyer Shimakaze’s base concealment improved to 7.11 km (instead of 7.56), while with all the modifiers the number is 5.59 km (instead of 5.9 km). This allows her to spot most of the rivals first at her battle tier.

German cruiser Admiral Hipper received faster base rudder shift (9.2 s instead of 10.7 s) and faster main battery reload (11.5 s instead of 13). Both are true for Hulls “B” and “C”. Even though the cruiser has many unique aspects it didn’t always show the desired effectiveness at her tier. Now the ship is a better match for her rivals.

German cruiser Prinz Eugen received the Repair Party consumable, similar in stats to that of Atago. The change increases average lifetime of the cruiser and makes her gameplay more unique, compared to that of Admiral Hipper.

American aircraft carrier Midway had her hangar limited to 96 planes instead of 136. The ship performed about equally to Hakuryu in shorter battles, but in longer ones the Japanese rival often had issues because of Midway’s larger hangar.

British battleship Orion had her sigma value decreased to 1.6 from 1.8. This is due to ships heightened efficiency at her tier, especially in the hands of seasoned players.

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  1. Wonder when WG will do a complete overhaul of ALL CVs instead of doing patchwork adjustments to the USN CV line.

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