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World of Warships Supertest: Balance Changes

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British destroyers

On all researchable British destroyers from Tier VI to X including Cossack, Hydroacoustic search has been added with the following characteristics:

  • Number of charges: 2 and 3 for standard and premium, respectively;
  • Lasts for 180 seconds.
  • Recharge time: 180 and 120 seconds for standard and premium, respectively;
  • Range of detection of ships: 3 km;
  • Detection range of torpedoes: 3 km.

The purpose of the Hydroacoustic search to protect from torpedoes, rather than detecting other ships.

For destroyers Jutland and Daring we improved the richochet angles of their AP shells and added the Heal consumable. These changes will increase the average lifetime of these destroyers and will allow them to inflict more damage when using armour-piercing shells.

  • Number of charges: 1 and 2 for standard and premium, respectively;
  • Lasts 14 seconds.
    Recharge time: 180 and 120 seconds for standard and premium, respectively;
  • Recovery of 1% HP per second.

Penetration will occur between 30 – 90 degrees, ricochet is possible at 22.5 – 30 degrees, auto bounces will happen at 0 – 22.5 degrees.

The time taken to reload Smoke generator for British destroyers from Tiers II to X including Cossack is increased by 10 seconds. The change will increase the gap between the end of the dispersal time and the readiness of the next charge to use, thus not allowing the destroyers to continuously hide in their smokescreens.

For the same ships, an error with their turning radius was corrected, whereby the actual radius exceeded the indicated radius in the game by approximately 40-60 meters.

French destroyer Le Terrible and battleship Jean Bart

According to the test results, the destroyer Le Terrible appears to be lagging behind other destroyers at Tier VIII. The following balance changes increase its combat effectiveness and improve balance.

  • The recharge time of the main battery guns is reduced from 7 to 6 seconds;
  • The firing range of the guns has been increased from 11.24 to 12.27 km;
  • Turret rotation speed is increased from 7 to 10 degrees per second;
  • The firing angles of the turrets have been improved, most noticeably on the fifth turret;
  • The recharge time of Torpedos is reduced from 90 to 77 seconds;

New torpedoes are installed, which are inferior in range to those before but have better speed and maximum damage:

  • Maximum Damage: 18,400;
  • Range: 8 km;
  • Visibility: 1.4 km;
  • Speed: 65 knots.

The destroyer has had “Smoke Generator” removed in order to emphasize its role as a ship with a high speed.

The French battleship Jean Bart conversely shows slightly increased efficiency in combat due to a combination of relatively fast reloading of the main guns, the availability of Main Battery Reload Booster and good Sigma. Sigma is reduced from 2.0 to 1.9 to improve her balance.

American cruiser Alaska

According to the results of testing, the American cruiser will receive some improvements:

  • The rudder shift time has been reduced from 13.8 to 13.1 seconds;
    Detection reduced from 16.2 to 15.5 km;
  • Detection when firing from smoke is reduced from 12.78 to 12.09 km;
  • Turret rotation speed is increased from 5 to 6 degrees per second;
  • Firing angles increased and improved.

Fire duration on Alaska, as well as on other similar ships (Stalingrad, Kronstadt), is increased from 30 to 45 seconds.

Source: World of Warships Developers Blog