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World of Warships Supertest 0.6.9 Info #3

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Wargaming has confirmed the new Smoke Mechanism was undergoing tests on Supertest 0.6.9, but also has confirmed theses changes won’t come to the game.


After discussing and reviewing the Supertest participants’ feedback, we decided to continue the internal testing of the smoke visibility mechanics changes, which means the smoke visibility mechanics will remain the same in 0.6.9. Please note that we could be considering other options for this particular change. We know this affects one of the oldest in-game mechanics and we understand our players’ concerns. However, we would like to remind you guys that the purpose of Supertest is to identify the most controversial parts of the changes and to offer us a different perspective by allowing us to take a step back and observe how they interact within the game. Keep in mind that not all of the tested items/mechanics necessarily need reach the public test stage, they can be sent for revision or become completely revised.

This is good news, but at the same time a reminder that when something is on Supertest, it doesn’t necessarily means it’s going to come to the Live Server as it is, or at all.

Source: World of Warships EU Forum

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest 0.6.9 Info #3

  1. Strangely, I still expect the worst possible scenario for the upcoming smoke change.

    Not that WG is known to handle problems with a sledgehamme, but kind of.
    *remembers his Blyska now being visible for a whole 20s @13km after firing its puny 120mm, just like 400m guns that can take their time to aim at it while it tries to run away*

  2. > Please note that we **could** be considering other options for this particular change

    So, if they dont or wont find something else to replace this idea, it would make to live to 0.6.10

  3. Easy fix for what I see as what they are trying to achieve. Fire your guns in smoke the muzzle flash gives a very brief flash of your boat. For example 127mm guns flash for 0.05 seconds, 400 mm guns flash for 0.2 seconds (times used as examples only). Don’t want to be seen, don’t fire but if you do fire then there’s a risk. It doesn’t affect other players also hiding in smoke, unless they fire of course, and the risk isn’t so great a risk it’s game breaking due to your boat being revealed then hidden again so quickly, and relocation in smoke is still viable after firing if need be.

  4. Kutuzov doesnt rely on smoke, is exactly the same as a chapayev so no problem there. That ship is for players who doesnt know how to play a cruiser.

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