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World of Warships Supertest 0.6.9 Info #2

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More information from Supertest 0.6.9 has been released thanks to our friends from SEA-Group.

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it’s subject to change without any warning.



New Exclusive Functions

If players complete the collection, two new functions will be unlocked for all Japanese ships:

  • Unlock Camouflage: Allows the player to change the colour scheme of basic camouflages.
  • Dual Flag: Allows the player to simultaneously use two commemorative flags.

New Mechanism: Smoke- Firing Penalty – Updated


Wargaming: After discussing and reviewing the Supertest participants’ feedback, we decided to continue the internal testing of the smoke visibility mechanics changes, which means the smoke visibility mechanics will remain the same in 0.6.9. Please note that we could be considering other options for this particular change. We know this affects one of the oldest in-game mechanics and we understand our players’ concerns. However, we would like to remind you guys that the purpose of Supertest is to identify the most controversial parts of the changes and to offer us a different perspective by allowing us to take a step back and observe how they interact within the game. Keep in mind that not all of the tested items/mechanics necessarily need reach the public test stage, they can be sent for revision or become completely revised.

Please Note: The following information is currently a speculation on how it works. SEA-Group is still investigating to get more accurate information. This mechanism might never make it to the Live Server. Information was confirmed it’s not coming in 0.6.9.

  • Smoke-firing won’t be as pleasant as it used to be, ships that fire inside, or around, smoke screen will accelerate the dissipation of the smoke screen.
  • The penalty seems to be connected to gun calibre. For example: Gearing one-click firing will reduce 0.24 seconds (0.12×2) of the smoke screen lifetime in a radius of 630 meters. Larger calibre guns will have a greater penalty, like for example: Yamato 460mm guns have a basic smoke-dissipation penalty of 5.91 seconds, per gun, meaning a one-click will cause 17.73 seconds of smoke dissipation. One salvo will make the smoke screen almost disappear.
Smoke Lifetime Penalty for Singe Gun Barrel

Please Note: The previous information is currently a speculation on how it works. SEA-Group is still investigating to get more accurate information. This mechanism might never make it to the Live Server. Information was confirmed it’s not coming in 0.6.9.

New Commemorative Flags

Battlefield: Career


Royal Navy Battleship Changes

  • Conqueror now uses 4×3 419mm main guns by default. Players will be able to unlock 4×2 457mm guns for 35,000 experience and 2,500,000 credits.
  • Lion can carry either 406mm guns or 419mm guns. But unlike the German counterpart, her 419mm guns are simply superior than the 406mm.
  • Nelson 406mm guns perform worse than King George V 14 inch guns when firing beyond 15km.
  • Nelson catapult plane was removed and replaced by the British Cruiser alike Repair Party.
  • Because King George V was moved from Tier VIII to Tier VII, her AA capability was decreased, but her Hit Points were increased. Her main gun reload time was further reduced.
  • Monarch has significantly stronger AA and faster reload on her main guns, compared to King George V.

Royal Navy Battleship Catapult Planes

Seafire MkIII Catapult Fighter


Sea Otter Spotter Plane



15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest 0.6.9 Info #2

  1. If this smoke change goes through, then that will put Neptune and Minotaur in a tough position. They rely on their smokes to use their guns because they will be focused down if they fire outside of safety. I wonder how quickly the smoke will deplete with either ship firing at full-throttle with their short reload times.

  2. I don’t think its going to happen, at least the way they leaked ATM. That’s the reason for all the warnings, lets see if they find more information, ATM looks it’s just plain wrong, and I don’t think WG would make a mistake like this.

  3. Even if this smoke nerf change doesn’t go live, it still demonstrates what devs have in their mind… That and the Radar spam.
    They really don’t like smoke.

    Smoking friendly ships will become useless.

  4. Just dont park your ship inside the smoke, problem solved. Sit behind the smoke any try not to get spotted from the flanks. Yes it gets harder to use the smoke, but it also makes the gameplay less static.

  5. Only in 1 of 10 games i see a dd smoking bbs or cruisers . Just sailed out in my Indianapolis with better camo and almost 10km radar …. Got some spicy reactions from dd players, while ,,preparing” them to exciting high tier expirience.

  6. If there are more sensible people like you, this game will be a much better game.

  7. Allthough I agree that smoke spam is an issue, this is not how I would fix it. My own way of fixing smoke spam would be to double the dispersion of ships who fire whilst in smoke.

  8. Hip hip hooray! The Conqueror is getting her 457mm guns back! Finally!

  9. Sorry but I didnt understand one thing, KGV’s reload got increased or reduced, I mean less or more time.

  10. I really hope these smoke screen changes don’t go through. It just give me a bad vibe. Notser already is pissed about the nerfs with the IJN DDs. This is getting annoying.

  11. I have zero confidence in WG to not do something like this regardless of it being a terrible idea.

  12. Bad news for KGV fans: your ship got dropped to tier VII and thus gets bad bow armor.
    Good news for KGV fans: your ship will be borderline OP at tier VII.

  13. I wish they’d just go with 2×3,2×2 457mm. That would address the low DPM for the 4×2 457mm without being Montana 2.0.

  14. Not entirely useless. You can still camo those *behind* the smoke screen, just not those in it. That means you could still lay down a pretty decent smoke screenline. Only problem is, you will be blinding your own team almost just as much…

    Still sounds like a terrible idea though.

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