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World of Warships Supertest 0.6.9 Info #1

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With the release of Update 0.6.8, we now focus our attention into Supertest 0.6.9, and thanks to our friends from SEA-Group, we already have some information.

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it’s subject to change without any warning.

Wargaming Teasing next Campaign

While Wargaming teases players with a question of “What is coming up?”, we can clearly see a new campaign focusing the Japanese Battleship Yamato. Players will be able to earn one Legendary Japanese Commander: Isoroku Yamamoto.

Isoroku Yamamoto

Together with the new campaign, we will also receive a new Collection. As per usual players will have to complete a series of tasks and collect some collectibles to get the final reward. Commander Isoroku Yamamoto has a regular Captain Skill set, but he has two passive skills that don’t require any points.


Other Changes

Battle Achievements

  • First Blood: as soon as a player earns this achievement, the player will receive +1 charge to each consumable.
  • Kraken Unleashed: as soon as a player earns this achievement, the ship starts to recover 0.4% HP/sec for 120 seconds, with a maximum of 48%. It will also permanently cut 33% off the main gun reload time, for the remaining duration of the battle.

Royal Navy Battleship Changes

  • Nelson was changed to a Premium ship.
  • King George V was moved to Tier VII in the Tech Tree (H: It’s a regular ship, not Premium). It’s equipped with 356mm guns.
  • Monarch was moved to Tier VIII in the Tech Tree (H: It’s a regular ship, not Premium).
  • Increased HE splash resistance for most British 40mm AA guns, and 114mm and above dual-purpose guns.
  • 134mm dual-purpose gun turrets armour increased to 30mm. A few British Cruisers will also benefit from this changes (Neptune for example).
  • Monarch now has Defensive AA consumable: x5 to Short Ranged AA and lasts 40 seconds. This consumable shares the same slot with Catapult Aircraft.
  • Lion and Conqueror now have Defensive AA consumable: x10 to Short Ranged AA and lasts 40 seconds. This consumable shares the same slot with Surveillance Radar.
  • Lion and Conqueror had their single-mount 40mm replaced with 20mm Orelikons. The stationary AA was reduced, but the Defensive AA consumable would be more powerful.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest 0.6.9 Info #1

  1. Can they plz give Conqueror her 457mm guns back? We seriously don’t need another Montana/ Grosser Kurfurst.

  2. This would all be fine… IF THEY JUST REMOVED THE RADAR… Seriously, BBs having the radar consumable in this line is the issue. Not the guns, the meh AA or the pointless range but the fact that they want to put radar on tech tree battleships which completely overturns the advantages against BBs by other cl*** and thus ruining game balance. The Radar, and to lesser degrees the cruiser-esq Rudder shift (Which was thankfully changed) and the AP fuse timer (Which Royally, forgive the pun, screws over the rest of the BBs) With the removal radar they won’t have to give the ships these weird extreme strengths/extreme weaknesses and would make the balancing all the more easier. The British BBs having the super heal, interesting guns/layouts with fantastic HE and stealth is GOOD enough for them to be competitive. Wargaming needs to get it through their heads that new tech trees don’t need blatantly obvious, rather dumb and often hard to balance “National Quirks”. Then they can instead maybe actually focus on making actually balance ships, but that might be too much to ask of WG.
    I mean for gods sake you’d think they’d learn from the British Cruisers the h***le for balancing overly complicated “National Quirks”. I can guarantee at this rate, they will have the exact same problem with the British DDs and Aircraft Carriers.

  3. There’s an update that Harkonen hasn’t posted yet.
    “Players may unlock 4×2 457mm guns for 35k XP and 2.5m Credits.”

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