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World of Warships Supertest 0.6.8 Info #1

Thanks to our friends from SEA Group for finding and sharing this information with us. They found several changes to some warships and some new information about 0.6.8.

Please remember the following information is from Supertest Server and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.

New Port: Dunkirk


New Decorative Flags

Operation Dunkirk


Collectors Edition: Graf Zeppelin


Wargaming Summer Fest 2017


German Changes

  • Junkers Ju.87 C F5 Torpedo range decreased from 3,6km to 2,0km;
  • Junkers Ju.87 C F5 Torpedo detectability increased from 0.9km to 1.1km;
  • Junkers Ju.87 C F5 Torpedo chance of causing flooding on hit decreased by 56%;
  • Ernst Gaede’s hit points on Hull B increased from 15,700 to 16,500;
  • German 88mm secondary High Explosive damage reduced from 1,100 to 1,000;
  • German 88mm secondary High Explosive chance of causing fire reduced from 7% to 4%;
  • German 105mm secondary High Explosive damage reduced from 1,300 to 1,200;
  • German 105mm secondary High Explosive chance of causing fire reduced from 9% to 5%;
  • German Cruisers 105mm Main Armament aren’t affected by these changes.

Update #1

  • Changes affect Regular and Premium German Battleships and Cruisers. German Cruisers 105mm Main Armament aren’t affected, only Secondary Armament.
  • 105mm secondary armament damage changed from 490 to 330.
  • 105mm secondary armament explosion size changed from 0.36 to 0.31
  • 88mm secondary armament damage changed from 370 to 240.
  • 88mm secondary armament explosion size changed from 0.28 to 0.24

Russian Changes

  • Russian Makarov Cruiser sector fire changed.


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  1. Does the secondaries nerf also affect premium ships?

    Because with Lesta, it’s never clear if they will nerf a premium or not…

      1. Please announce it when you know 🙂

        I want to know if my Tirpitz and Scharnhorst will endure the fate of the post-CBT Sims or on the opposite, remain untouched like the Gremlin

    1. Blanket nerfs affect premiums. In your reply to Harkonnen you mention that Gremyashchy has been untouched, except when they removed stealth fire from it. Definitely not untouched. There have been no other blanket nerfs that would have affected the Russian DDs, so no other changes have been made.

    1. Thanks. I’m actually shocked on how different is the premium policy between WoT and WoWS.
      WoT: NOTHING can be changed, even when a class rebalance happens, by fear of the shitstorm. (lights, leFh18B2)
      WoWS: lol we do what we want, we don’t care if you paid 40 bucks for it. Blyska uber-nerf, german BB secondaries uber-nerf. But ships the the OPrator will stay untouched because [insert random reason.]
      What surpises me the most is the lack of reaction from the players. If a tank was nerfed, the WoT devs would be hanged by the community. Here, nothing really noticeable.

      I think I will give up on buying anything from the WoWS shop. Everytime, I feel a bit more scammed.

      1. actually i prefer most the policy of WoWs, cause these are balances. German BBs are way too OP and this balance is good, you cant have excellent armor and excellent DPS without even clicking…

        I wish they would balance the same way the E25, the lights, the defender and the list goes long with OP – untouched premiums at WoT….

      2. wot balance is cancer. At least wows is trying to have some balance. The German secondary nerf is not “uber”. Its very minor actually and won’t change a thing. The fire chance was too good on the German secondaries. I main them and understand why the change is necessary. Although I think the real problem is the fires themselves. Either everything needs its fire chance nerfed or fires need to do way less damage if we aren’t going to be able to cleanse them off our ships more often.

        Oh the select turds of the wows community bitches plenty, don’t worry.

    1. Well the Kurfurst has 12.8 cm and 15.0 cm secondaries so they are not impacted. However the Bismarck’s 10.5 cm secondaries will be impacted. But it shouldn’t be too bad.

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