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World of Warships Supertest 0.6.15 Information

With Update 0.6.14 released, it’s time for Supertest 0.6.15 information to start coming out. Two new Campaigns are coming, a brand new collection, new camouflages, a new Port and Supertesters received the remaining French Battleships. Let’s have a look at the information our friend from was able to find for us.

Please note: the following information is from Supertest and it’s subject to change without warning before the final version is released.


New Campaigns

Two brand new campaigns are coming with Update 0.6.15: New Year 2018 and Duke of York. No much details are known about them, but the Duke of York suggests it’s a fully dedicated campaign to this iconic British battleship. No information if players will be able to get it for free or if they will have to buy it from the Premium Store.

Campaigns Background


Campaigns Logo


Duke of York Campaign Collection


Together with the Duke of York campaign, players will be able to add new items to a brand new collection.


New Flags


New Camouflages

No details on these new camouflages, but all seem to suggest a new partnership with several big companies might be coming to World of Warships.


New Achievement

Any player who attends Wargaming Fest 2017 will be able to receive a unique achievement dedicated to the event.

Wargaming Fest 2017

New PvE Scenario

Nagai Loading Screen
New PvE Scenario – Nagai
Nagai Minimap
Nagai Minimap
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