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World of Warships Super League – Modified Mission Conditions

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Hello everyone,

Seems it’s not just in World of Tanks players will exploit anything just to get a reward… A Super League was introduced in World of Warships if you reached Rank 1, and players would win a container for each battle they play. Problem? Players started leaving the battles right after they joined. Why? Because they didn’t have to do anything else, just join and leave and you get a container. Wargaming decided to change the rules and made an announcement on the forum.

As many of you know, we introduced an additional reward for Super League in Ranked Battles Season 6. According to the original idea, any player who reaches Rank 1 would gain access to a special mission. This mission would provide him with one Container for each battle played in the Super League. The intention of this move was to provide a nice reward to those brave souls who have fought their way to the top.

Unfortunately, we have observed a surge of unsportsmanlike conduct in the Super League. Many players decide to leave the battle after loading to get a container immediately without any actual contribution to the match. This situation clearly contradicts the whole idea of Super League missions and prevents conscious players from having fun.

In light of this behavior (and its scale), we decided to take action and change the conditions of these missions. With new rules, a Container will be rewarded only to top-2 players by XP earned in each team. This change will make unsportsmanlike conduct meaningless and protect well-doing players. We also offer an apology to fair players and hope that, when the change takes effect, their experience will be much more pleasant.

We kindly remind you that any conduct that disrupts gaming experience can be treated as violation of Game Rules. We reserve the right to investigate Super League participants battle logs and apply restrictions to their accounts if necessary.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and plan to react accordingly based on the results of this change.

Let’s support fair play and fun, especially in the honorable group of Super League participants!


In my opinion, and I’m not an avid player, why just the top two players by experience? Takru made a good suggestion, introduce a new rule where players have to reach a certain minimum experience, for example 500, if they don’t they won’t get the container.

But why not also introduce a system that penalises any player that leaves? If you are a deserter you get no reward, after leaving three battles introduce a 24 hours ban on their accounts. This would discourage any player from leaving the battles and ruin other players fun.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Super League – Modified Mission Conditions

  1. Yeah I totaly agree this condition change a lot of things. Now if I’ll get finaly rank one, wich is now I know, pretty hard and I must be able do deal with player the caliber I see on youtube to reach this level one. Now I’ll also have to beat them at each game to have access at a container. Not the same thing.

  2. I agree with the author. The new rule would make me less likely to waste my time on that league. If you battle your way to rank 1, now you have to ***ure 1st and or 2nd spot? Makes little sense. I understand something had to be done. But I think they overreached!

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