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World of Warships: Submarines are coming

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Today, Wargaming made quite a big announcement regarding the addition of the fifth class in World of Warships! After the Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft carriers, here come the SUBMARINES!


The submarines have been a bit of a meme since the start of the game. At first, Wargaming were clear in their statement that there would never be any submarine in the game.
In 2018, things changed a bit since “only fools never change their mind” I guess. Indeed, for Halloween, we got with the special operation “Terror of the Deep” an early draft of the submarines gameplay. Wargaming confirmed as well back then that if they would be popular enough, they might make it to the main game.

Today, after more or less 10 months, here we are:


ST, submarines.

Back in 2018 many of you have participated in the operation called ‘Terror of the Deep’. This event allowed everyone to try a new class in our game — submarines. By the end of the event, it became clear that our players are highly interested in submarines and we should be engaged in full development.

And now, we are happy to announce that the first stages of closed testing will begin shortly, where the new gameplay of submarines will be tested. The American and German submarines will be the pioneers of the new class.

After the SuperTest submarines will be available for players to try on a special server, before being added to the main game client. Once introduced, the new class will initially be available in a special separate battle type only and this final configuration stage will last for several months. This will allow us to make additional changes to the new class under the conditions of the live server.

We will be sharing more details with you shortly. Follow our official game channels for more news!

Without many surprises, one of the first nation to get them is Germany as they still didn’t get any updates arc. Also, we are ready to wait quite a fair bit considering all the time they plan to have them in testing. One thing for sure, all these depth charges, mortar launchers and co. will soon be useful on our destroyers and light cruisers.

Now, it’s time to start the wishlist for ships that could also come with these submarines. I’m personally just waiting for the cruiser-submarine Surcouf and her twin 203 mm turret and the T-47 class destroyers as they had 2 triple sets of torpedo tubes specifically to target submarines and 2 other triple sets that were dual-purpose.

With these submarines, the alternative CV lines that were teased waayyyyyy back at the start of the CV rework could also find a special purpose with Anti-Submarine Warfare equipment. That still, of course, remains a big what-if.

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  1. I dont like the idea of U-Boots in the Game. For Special Events they are great addition. But in the Game, they are not good. Because the Destroys get one Job more to do. The not only try to cap, try to spot and look for the airplanes. In the future the have to find the U-Boots and sunk them? The Cruisers have to show there self to hunt the U-Boot?

    I dont thing its an good idea for the Random Games and Clanwars. But for Events, this kind of Ships are perfect.

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