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World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #6

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing some information from the Russian Server. Some information from a transcript of the stream with developer _Vlegris.

Source: Official World of Warships EU Forum

  • The Hydroacoustic Search of Bismark is overpowered in ranked battles, but not an issue in random battles. They plan to softly nerf this feature in a distant future, possible prior to the start of the next season of ranked battles.
  • There are currently no plans for ranked battles with tier IX ships.
  • No nerfs are planned for the British cruisers.
  • At the moment, no changes are planned for the carriers. Currently, the carriers are situational and skill-dependent. Although little time was invested in them in 2016, this will change in 2017. The developers want to see more carriers in battles, and to narrow the skill-gap between the good and not-so-good players by introducing better interface.
  • There will be a Japanese premium carrier in 2017.
  • No comment on the carriers being overpowered at low tiers.
  • In the future, the Russian destroyer tree will be split similar to the Japanese, with ships changing tiers, and another branch. This new branch will not be the only extension, there will be a second larger branch.
  • The Missouri is Iowa with radar but without the airplane, with better armoured beams and a slightly different AA.
  • The developers see shooting from invisibility on an open water as problematic. This possibility entered the gameplay as a mistake, and will be removed eventually. Invisible shooting from smoke or from behind an island should still be possible.
  • There are plans to split the American cruiser branch, but not this year (2017?).
  • Some fighters, but not all, will be able to attack ships. They are already being modelled and produced.
  • British carriers and Russian battleships will appear, but not this year (2017?).