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World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #5

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing some information from the Russian Server. Some information from a transcript of the stream with JamesWhite of October 31.

Source: Official World of Warships EU Forum

  • The Halloween mode is popular, with long queues during the first days. Success statistics as percentage of total games by server look as follows: Asia 23 percent, RU 18 percent EU and NA 10 percent.
  • The profitability of British cruisers based on the first week of the RU server data.
    • Tiers 2-3: The Caledon and the Weymouth take, respectively, the tenth and the fourth place by profitability of all ships on their tier.
    • Tier 4. The Danae is the top earner among the cruisers this tier, inferior only to the premiums Iwaki Alpha and Yubari.
    • Tier 7. With an average of 140k per battle, the Fiji is the most profitable non-premium cruiser at tier 7. Among the premium ships, the top three are Flint (290k), Atlanta (170k), and Indianapolis (150k).
    • Tier 8. The Edinburgh earns 143k per game on average. The top tier 8 earners are Kutosov, Eugen and Atago.
    • Tier 9. The Neptune (170k) is the top earner among all cruisers on its tier.
    • Tier 10. The Minotaur (152k) is the top earner among all cruisers on its tier.

These are raw gross earning, including all bonuses conferred by premium time, signals and daily multipliers.

Conclusion: In terms of profitability, the British cruisers are definitely not inferior to their non-premium counterparts. If anything, they appear to be slightly superior earners. The use of premium consumables decreases the intake, of course.

  • Players who have all the ARP ships might get a commemorative flag found in the client.
  • Very soon you would be able to see players’ profiles in the client.
  • The models for the German destroyers are finished.
  • The are only two branches of carriers in the game. Are your working on the British carriers? It depends what you mean by working. We are collecting reference material such as technical drawings, etc.
  • We do not see a need for a training room in the client.
  • We do not plan introducing tournament functionality to the client in the near future.
  • The policy towards players using forbidden modifications such as aimbots has not changed. They get a permanent ban on the fourth warning, i.e. warning, short ban, long ban, permanent ban. There will be no parole, but the offenders can create new accounts. We believe to now be able to catch almost all offenders. We see that some offenders own premium ships. Why put your account at peril?

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