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World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #16

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for sharing the information, recap by getfun from a recent meeting with Developers in Samara.

Source: World of Warships Forum

  • Version 0.6.5 got balance by nations reworked. Have you noticed?
  • Carrier controls will be reworked in the future. Players suggested a unified attack mode instead of an automatic or a manual drop, but one that leave a role for player’s skill.
  • Manual control of the secondaries will stay as is.
  • Kiev and Tashkent are correctly tiered.
  • The mini-map will get the radius of the radar and that of the AA aura.
  • Personal offers will include elements of a tutorial. A first version of this is already in game and available to some beginners.
  • The medium term (next few patches) we see some PvE missions for clans.
  • A tournament functionality is coming in winter, possible with an Attack and Defence type of scenarios.
  • Version 0.6.6 may see a buff of Hydroacoustic Search for Lo Yang, Yugumo may get Shimakaze’s torpedoes, Nürnberg may get 360 degree rotation of the rear turret, and all German cruisers get a buff on penetration with HE.
  • No changes are planned for Grozovoi, her performance is being watched.
  • On average, twice as many battles where played during the Clash of the Elements event than before.
  • Official training room and replay functionalities are not immediately forthcoming. The people are busy developing other things.
  • In the summer will see changes to Quick Commands in chat.
  • The split of the US cruiser tree will definitely not occur this year.
  • The Russian/Soviet battleships are definitely not coming this year.
  • Smoke, shot and splinter/parts tearing off visual effects are being reworked.
  • Many players have purchased the top Hood bundle. Perhaps in the future, all bundles containing the same ship will be sold simultaneously.
  • The AA rockets of Hood are not the new type of weapon announced last year. This new type of weapon in being tested on the super test.
  • The next rank season will probably be on tier 6.