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World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #15

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Hello everyone,

Some more interesting information this time shared thanks to Takru.

Source: World of Warships Forum

Version 0.6.4 will not do without the balance settings of some ships. To begin with, about improvements. To increase survivability, the base visibility of ships will be reduced:

  • New Orleans: from 12.42 to 11.82 km;
  • “Stormy”: from 8.82 to 8.29 km.

The change will not affect the visibility of ships from aircraft. To increase the comfort of shooting, the time for turning the towers of the GK ships will be reduced:

  • Mogami (155 mm guns): from 51.4 to 36 seconds;
  • Fubuki, Akatsuki, Kagero: from 30 to 26.1 s;
  • Yugumo, Shimakaze: from 25.7 to 22.8 seconds;
  • Mutsuki (stock tools): from 30 to 25.7 seconds.


  • König: the accuracy of the shot will be reduced. The parameter “sigma”, responsible for the accuracy of the shot, will be reduced from 2 to 1.8. 
  • “Khabarovsk”: the base time of the rudder will be increased from 6.1 to 11.1 s.

At the moment the ship shows excessively high efficiency among all destroyers of the X level. As a result of editing, Khabarovsk will not lose its effectiveness at long range due to ballistics and speed, but will become more vulnerable in close combat.


  • Wargaming will try to research Hipper and Eugen more (maybe even for 0.6.4), and also will try design some improvements to IJN torps, that won’t ruin everything (definitely not for 0.6.4, that issue is more tricky than ‘slap a buff onto their concealment’).
  • Iowa , Missouri and Monty citadel will be lowered. Not in 0.6.4, maybe on 0.6.6. But research is done and we concluded ti will be a safe buff, not messing with inter-class balance, but rather improving inter-bb balance.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #15

  1. Twice the rudder time? A little extreme Nobody was fighting close battles with her anyways, maybe they should have kept the HE damage unaltered

  2. And Yamato is still a floating citadel, but USA BBS will have a buff in citadel

  3. Well, Yamato has the thickest citadel armor…I don’t think that needs a buff. It can also bow tank pretty much every other BB except maybe the Kurfürst.

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