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World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #10

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing some information from the Russian Server, ilhilh and Kaseko for sharing the information about Public Test.

Source: Official EU Forum

USN CA buffs Incoming

To increase comfort in game we have increased main calibre guns turning speed:

  • T-22 (from 10,0 degrees per second to 10,5 degrees per second);
  • Ibuki (from 5 degrees per second to 6 degrees per second);
  • Cruisers Marblehead and Marblehead L has received faster rudder shift (from 10,12 seconds to 7,5 seconds) to increase their survivability.
  • For the same reason, cruiser Pensacola’s visibility has been decreased to 12.78 km

Main calibre guns reload time of several USN cruisers has been decreased in order to make them more attractive as damage dealers:

  • Erie (from 7 seconds to 6 seconds);
  • New Orleans (from 14 seconds to 12 seconds for top guns);
  • Baltimore (from 13 seconds to 10 seconds for top guns);
  • Des Moines (from 6 seconds to 5,5 seconds);

  • Fixed incorrect smokes setting: Now, the last smoke cloud is deployed at the end of smoke generator work cycle. That will prevent some inconvenient game scenarios, especially with RN cruisers that have short smoke deploying timer.

Balance changes

  • Rare Upgrades Repair party Modification 1 and Surveillance Radar Modification 1 performance has been increased from 20% to 40% to make them more attractive – the competition in the respected slots is very high;


  • Maximum flooding time has been decreased by 25% (from 120 seconds to 90 second)
  • Maximum HP that can be lost in flooding has been rebalanced:
  • Low and mid tiers: Reduced
  • High tiers: Increased


  • Increase the role of torpedoes in countering heavy ships
  • Increase the role of IJN destroyers – their torpedoes traditionally have highest chances to cause flooding:

Changes by tier

  • I – III: – 33,3%
  • IV: -16,7%
  • V: -11,7%
  • VI: -6,7%
  • VII: -1,7%
  • VIII: +3,3%
  • IX: +8,3%
  • X: +13,3%

Update #1: It seems these values are wrong, due to a series of mistakes and miscommunication. To check the correct values, just click here.

  • Speed drop penalty for flooding has been adjusted so that it is more systematic:
  • Penalty for moving forward has been decreased from 35% to 20%: USN battleships (except Arkansas Beta), Koenig Albert, Kaiser, Koenig and G. Kurfurst;
  • Penalty for moving forward has been decreased from 20% to 15% and for moving backward has been increased: ? 22, Ernst Gaede, Z-46, Ognevoy, Kiev, Leningrad, Udaloi and Khabarovsk;
  • Penalty for moving forward has been decreased from 20% to 15%: Srorozhevoy, Derzkii, Izyaslav, Blyskawica, Smith, Tashkent;

WellDone on Carrier Economy

The current economic situation with the carriers is the following – carriers earn on as much as other classes on average. This is true both for good and bad players. What carriers currently need is a higher variance of earnings. In other words, other ship types more frequently have games that earn significantly higher or significantly lower than their overall average. The myth of carriers poor earnings owes to the fact that players tend to remember games with high earnings, but oversee the lack of games with low earnings. Increasing the variance of earnings is not an easy task for game developers, but we shall succeed in a few patches.

Q: Public Test of 0.6.1. The new rank season, many smaller balancing changes, several new upgrades, and the much anticipated depot.
A: Unlike the previous versions, the feedback from the RU community on 0.6.1 has been very positive. Most of the new upgrades boost the effect of consumables or their duration, or modify them slightly.

The ranked battles will be on tier 7 using the rules of the previous season. The Epicenter mode will be added to the ranked battles.

Q: The depot.
A: The much anticipated depot will contain all accumulated modules, mounted as well as dismounted, camouflages, signals and consumables, all of which can now be sold for credits. You will not be able to buy anything in the depot *, but give us feedback if the buying option is desired.

*) which means you cannot stock on discounts.

Q: Do you connect the decrease in the server population with the introduction of new commander skills?
A: We have been hearing about the decrease since two years, yet the number of players online does not fall. At the moment there are 27.000 players online, which is a good number for a winter Monday. We expect more people once the ranked season starts (about 35 percent of players participate in ranked battles). The participation intensifies during a season, people playing more battles of a shorter duration. The online numbers fluctuate seasonally, with a small trough from the beginning of February till the end of April, then again in June and July. Starting from the August the online increases, reaching a peak during the holiday season at end of the year, and decrease thereafter. This is true with most online games.

Q: When will the US cruisers be buffed?
A: Read the developers bulletin. Then reiterates the published buffs…

Q: Will all ranked battles be tier 7, or will the tiers increase with ranks?
A: All tier 7.

Q: Concerning premium ships for free experience, do you plan something for tier 9, or also for lower tiers? Will the release of such premium ships be necessarily accompanied by a promotion, such as Steven Seagal?
A: We have not mentioned any plans. We said that we would like to offer premium ships for free experience at lower tiers and cost. We still do, but it is premature to announce any plans. We recently have introduced commander training as an alternative use of free experience.

Q: When will you move USN Cleveland to tier 8?
A: We have considered doing so, but this is up the people responsible for game balance. I do not thing this would happen any soon, but I am not responsible for game balance.

Q: Would it not make sense to have events that award camouflages of tier X ships, similar to that for the Tirpitz, or discounts on them?
A: We have many ideas, but this is not the place to announce discounts, because people stop buying following the announcement. Anything can happen, and the plans may change.

Q: Do not you think that releasing three destroyer lines in a row (Japanese split, German branch and now Russian split) is a bit exaggerated, as there are other classes too?
A: We do not see an over-saturation. The destroyers do not dominate higher tiers, while games with 6 battleships aside still occur.

Q: Will I be able to obtain Steven Seagal in a future event?
A: The APG contract has expired 2016. I cannot say anything about Steven Seagal before I checked the contract. We have no such plans in the near future, but I might be able to provide more details later on the forum.

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  1. The numbers for the all tiers for percent change of flood damage are wrong still. It it that way on the EU portal? On the NA site we have it listed with the correct value of -25% for tiers 1-3 and a 15.4% increase at tier 10.

  2. I’ve updated the article with your information. Thanks for that mate. Seems the original creator might have used the wrong values like in the beginning.

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