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World of Warships – Short Q&A with Sub_Octavian on Reddit – 17/11/2016

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Hello everyone,

Sub_Octavian has been replying to a lot of player questions on World of Warships Reddit regarding Update 0.5.15 and very interesting bits were shared. Seems the note handed to me regarding Captain Skills was right…

HM_Bert: I was excited when I saw the campaigns and thought it was gonna be co-op vs PvE scenarios like Halloween, but instead it’s just glorified missions/achievements that already exist

Sub_Octavian: Yep, but this is a big improvement anyway. And PvE development is in progress, so hopefully lots of interesting stuff will come in 2017.

renegade_9: Any hope of getting something like the Halloween convoy event as an actual game mode? That mission was fun as hell.

Sub_Octavian: Yep, that what one of its goals – to test such modes.

BeastG01: Interesting lack of discussion of the leaked captain skill rework. Also, no word on the Missouri or IJN line split which were both anticipated to be 5.15. Maybe they’re holding off on the announcement to build suspense?

Sub_Octavian: There’s nothing to discuss yet, the rework is not planned for 0.5.15, not even for 0.5.16.

Kin-Luu: Oh… so it is most likely a post Christmas thing? Was kinda hoping for presents.

Sub_Octavian: There will be presents 🙂 but commanders are still WIP.

Falloutplease: Looks like the Missouri is premium after all.

Sub_Octavian: Was there any doubt she will be premium?

AOSPrevails: Well after a leak implying she won’t have premium credit bonus the pessimistic people on this sub have been speculating she would be more like an ARP ship than a True Premium.

Sub_Octavian: Well. I can say: we are planning her to be all premium, but for the way of acquisition (free XP, so you can get her completely free with a lot of grind, purchase or combine both ways). This is it for now. Don’t rush with these leaks stuff…:) Missouri official announcement will be done eventually. Upon 0.5.15 release we’re planning to send her to production test for final settings.

Zahared: Will that be time restricted for getting the Missouri or something more permanent?

Sub_Octavian: This is not confirmed, sorry. But we’re thinking in the direction of “more permanent”.