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World of Warships – Schuka-Class Submarine V Type

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Hello everyone,

As you might all remember, I’ve published a few pictures of an upcoming Submarine, still unsure if this will actually be in the as part of the April Fools or not. Today Wargaming shared a few pictures of it, so I could almost say we will see this in the game.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – Schuka-Class Submarine V Type

  1. Okay, what if this is not a lie? It’s already strees DD combat inside your ninja area, imagine an SS … Feel and cry, because this is going to be bull**** … WG !!! Where are the depth and sonar loads that work ????

  2. This is just for Aprils Fool for sure! So no worries 😀 But at the same time, will allow them to test new mechanics, just like the Halloween mode.

  3. lol The crew are 37 snowmen. What are you planning wg. It’s the end of march. Winter’s already over.

  4. Actually IT is real Type SH sub is a world of warships April fools ship BUT you cant fight with it, Battle button says one does not simply enter battle with a submarine. Might be a hidden opion.

  5. I believe some have actually used this sub. I have seen torps surface out of nowhere with no ship or aircraft in sight. To clarify, torps magically appeared from the face of a mountain within 4.5km. No way in hell a ship is hiding in that minimal distance.

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