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World of Warships – Update – Scheduled Maintenance

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Hello everyone,

On the 17/11/2016 at 03:30 UTC, the World of Warships Game EU server will be unavailable for approximately 120 minutes as maintenance work is performed.

Updated: 15/11/2016 @ 22:35

Update will be released November 16 at 02:00 PT/ 05:00 ET until 04:00 PT/ 07:00 ET on the NA Server.

Update will be released November 17 at 06:00 UTC+8 until 08:00 UTC+8 on the ASIA Server.


Patch Notes

Changes and Fixes

  • Commander EXP is now properly shown during retraining.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to improper gunfire sounds.
  • The sounds of shells hitting the water are now slightly shorter and softer.
  • Improved wind sounds in the corresponding environment.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a client crash after buying the ship through a personal offer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ships stuck in battle leading to inability to choosing them post-battle.
  • Fixed an incorrect price for Perth in doubloons (Changed from 4,200 to 4,800).
  • Closed beta testing for Clan function has started.