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World of Warships: Rogue Wave (Possibility to get the Hill and Benham for free)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, with the update 0.8.5, World of Warships is full Mad Max (and battle royal) with a special event called Rogue Wave!

Nine modified destroyers in a brand new four-team game mode, an array of post-apocalyptic camouflages, and enclosing Wall of Fire that forces close-quarters brawls.

Post-apocalypse now! Can you survive the fight between four teams?

Quick facts

  • New Port and map.
  • Fight in the new “Savage Battle”, where 4 teams of 3 ships engage in a free for all battle: “Savage Battle.”
  • Unlock all 9 unique post-apocalyptic destroyers.
  • Complete Directives and earn yourself Tier V US destroyer Hill.
  • Trade in the new temporary resource—Fuel Tokens—for an array of irradiated rewards in the armory, including Tier IX US destroyer Benham.
  • Unique Rogue Wave Daily Shipments.

Rogue Wave

Welcome to the post-apocalypse—a land of scavengers, crawling the desolate ruins of a once flourishing civilization, now a war zone that’s home to the warships of those unfortunate enough to survive the cataclysm.

The new themed Port ruthlessly and effectively drags players into the event’s atmosphere. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the ruins of a world on its knees in the aftermath of a global catastrophe: abandoned skyscrapers, motionless trains, and devastated factories. Among the ruins, survivors fight for their most cherished resource, the means to make them the alpha predators of this broken world—Fuel Tokens.

We’ve modified nine destroyers and divided them into three classes specifically for Savage Battles:


Low-detectability ships, armed with powerful torpedoes that are capable of pulverizing everyone who dares to stand in their way. Their main guns function in a similar way to secondary batteries, and are operated by a form of artificial intelligence that was passed to us from the great ancients. It’s noteworthy though, that the main battery is not the Octopuses’ best card.

  • The first Octopus available is  X Messer (Z-52): as hard to detect as a mouse trap, and as deadly as a rusty knife smeared with rat poison!


  • The next destroyer in the class is  X Sea Devil (Shimakaze): this ship has an improved Smoke Generator, while her powerful salvo of 15 torpedoes will make her enemies look forward to another cataclysm.

sea d.jpg

  • At the apex of the Octopus class resides  X Stealthedo (Daring): her tube-by-tube torpedo launching capability and an improved Hydroacoustic Search consumable make her precise and evasive. She’s a predator whose actions are as unpredictable as the logic of the inhabitants of the dying world.


Moray Eel

Maneuverable steel monsters! Ships of this class will ideally suit fans of aggressive close quarters brawls. Their major advantage is their maneuverability, combined with powerful propulsion. Their devastating main guns are operated by artificial intelligence, while their torpedoes deal moderate damage and are quite slow.

  • The first ship in the Moray Eel-class is destroyer  X Carnal (Yue Yang): a master of skillful maneuvering, equipped with a powerful engine—an ideal choice for all enthusiasts of daring attacks and close quarters engagements.


  • At the second step is  X Lancet (Gearing): equipped with an improved Torpedo Reload Booster, she’s capable of changing the outcome of battle with her surgical strikes.


  • The best ship in the Moray Eel class is  X Rumble (Kléber): a veteran of the fuel wars who felt the fading of the Sun on the metal of her decks. She’s a fierce warrior who knows no mercy. With fantastic maneuverability, four torpedo launchers, and an improved Engine Boost consumable, she may well be the last sight that her enemies’ irradiated eyes see.



Those that glide swiftly through the waves on the wings of scorched winds! Expect high speeds, direct control over their main battery guns, and torpedoes with moderate characteristics.

  •  X Atomic Rage (Grozovoi) is the first rung of the Barracuda class: powered by the energy of nuclear fusion, chaotically blended with the wrathful force of her Commander—her high speeds and powerful main battery guns leave her enemies in her wake and lay waste to those who provoke her rage.


  • The second step is  X Mizu-Jet (Harugumo): as swift as a waterspout, this ship carries accurate main battery guns and an improved Repair Party consumable constructed by her Commander—the demi-genius of half-life decay—who scavenged all the necessary spare parts among the ruins.


  • The alpha is  X Seascythe (Khabarovsk): quick as a guillotine, hard as a hammer, as tough as her Captain. Nothing will prevent her from anchoring fast to her prey. Why do they call her Seascythe? Because no one can catch up to her, and the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable means that she can cut through her enemies’ hulls as she rains down her relentless fire.



You’ll need to earn 7 500 base XP to access the second ship of each class, while unlocking the third ship will require an additional 12 500 base XP.

Each ship comes with a 19-skill point Commander. Take note that the skills a Commander can learn are limited due to the specifics of their ships and game mode. You can assign them to any special ships without the requirement of retraining, and also reset their skills for doubloons or Commander Elite XP. We remind you that any XP earned by a Commander with 19 skill points is immediately converted into Commander Elite XP. You can use this for retraining, specialization changes, and skill resetting for any of your other Commanders.

Each following destroyer in a class is better than the previous one in terms of their specifications. Do you want to unlock the full potential of the Octopuses’ torpedoes, get the best out of the Moray Eels’ maneuverability and engine power, and unleash all the power of the Barracudas’ main battery? Then reach the third ship in each class and play on all of them!

Please note that each following ship in a class requires more resources to service. You’ll need a lot of credits to enjoy the power of the top ships in the Rogue Wave event.

Savage Battle

All players who have unlocked access to combat missions and challenges in their Service Record can participate in Savage Battles. Newcomers in World of Warships will need to play 70 battles in any available game mode to unlock this.


The objective in this game mode is very simple—a team of three players needs to destroy three opposing teams. You can fight either in a Division or solo. Be vigilant and don’t take any unnecessary risks, as only true survivors will win the battle.

Matches start on the outskirts of a ruined city. Your ship won’t have any charges for her consumables at the beginning. Similar to “Arms Race”, you’ll obtain them in battle by activating bonus areas. Either:

  • With a Repair Party charge
  • With a charge for a random consumable that you have available on your ship.

The entire team receives the consumable charge.

Apart from harsh conditions and a shortage of resources, the planet is plagued by Wild Fire that encompasses the battle area. The safe zone begins to shrink 1 minute into the battle. By the end of the match, only a small portion of the map will remain safe. Be careful: ships gradually lose HP while they remain engulfed in Wild Fire.


Win a battle and survive to receive a special achievement!

Friendly fire is inactive in this mode, as well as magazine detonation and the ability to disable modules.

The Savage Battle mode is only available in Update 0.8.5.


Combat Missions

The rules of Rogue Wave are similar to those of the previous in-game events: there is one Stage consisting of four Directives, with each Directive containing up to eleven missions. A new Directive will unlock each week. You can start progressing through the next Directive only if you’ve completed the necessary number of tasks in the previous one.

9852018e-9677-11e9-94b4-38eaa735f4cc_1200x (1)

Missions can be completed in Operations, Ranked and Co-op Battles, as well as in Ranked Sprint, Clan Brawl, and Savage Battles. Detailed data on missions can be found in the game client.

Starts: Thursday 27 June 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends: Monday 22 July 06:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Time and date of activation for the second, third, and fourth Directives: July 1, 8, and 15 at 08:00 CEST.


For completing missions and Directives, you’ll receive various in-game items, new expendable camouflages, and many other things:

  • Reward for completing each Directive—Fuel Tokens.
  • Reward for completing the second Directive—a commemorative flag for U.S. destroyer Hill.
  • Reward for completing the third Directive—a special camouflage for U.S. destroyer  V Hill: “The Master of the Water World.”
  • Reward for completing all Directives—Tier V U.S. destroyer  V Hill.

If you already have Hill in your Port, you’ll receive the full price of the ship in doubloons as compensation.


Hall of Fame

Completing the fourth Directive grants you access to the Hall of Fame. There, you’ll be able to cross swords with the best players in the game! Rewards will be issued to every Commander who scores at least one point in accordance with the special Hall of Fame rules.

After a week’s results are summed up, you can get an even bigger reward if you find yourself among the top 50%, 25%, 10%, or 5% best players.

Top 5% best players1x Premium Rogue Wave container
Top 5–10% best players1x Rogue Wave container
Top 10–25% best players5x Post-Apocalypse camouflage patterns
Top 25–50% best players5x Brilliant Ray camouflage patterns
Players who earn at least 1 point in accordance with the Hall of Fame rules5x Blue Lagoon camouflage patterns

The 100 best players will be awarded a special achievement.

For more details, check out the rules for crediting Hall of Fame points that are available in the game client.

Fuel Tokens

Fuel Tokens can be exchanged in the Armory for:

  • Expendable “Post-Apocalypse” camouflages
    • -3% to the ship’s detectability range by sea
    • +4% to the dispersion of shells fired by enemies at your ship
    • +100% XP per battle
    • +100% Free XP per battle
    • +150% Commander XP per battle
  • Credits
  • Premium Account time

The main reward in exchange for 800 tokens is:

  • U.S. destroyer  IX Benham with a unique post-apocalyptic camouflage, Commander Dr. Ecraseur with 10 skill points, and a commemorative flag—”U.S.S. Benham.”


 IX Benham is an American Tier IX destroyer, the head ship of a class comprising 10 destroyers. This destroyer has a clear-cut specialization—torpedoes. She carries 16 of them—a record number for her tier—and trademark American smoke.

Main specifications of the ship:

  • Four 127 mm guns. Firing range—12.6 km; reload time—3.3 seconds; and 180-degree traverse time of her guns—6 seconds. These characteristics are quite decent, but the small number of guns mean that artillery isn’t her best asset.
  • Sixteen torpedoes. Range—10.5 km; speed—65 knots; and damage—15,200 HP. Rapid-reload capabilities, taking just 85 seconds. Her broadside torpedo tube mount is a noteworthy and rather unusual feature for high-tier destroyers.
  • Low detectability by sea—5.9 km (with upgrade, skills, and camo employed) and the American Smoke Generator, the smoke screens of which disperse after more than two minutes.
  • The Engine Boost or Defensive AA Fire consumables are available in slot 3.

How do you get Fuel Tokens?

  • For completing all Directives of the Rogue Wave event—up to 250 tokens.
  • From Daily Shipments—up to 50 tokens.
  • For completing economic missions in Savage Battles—up to 300 tokens.
  • For completing Daily Missions—up to 150 tokens.
  • For completing a special marathon (complete 48 missions out of 50)—100 tokens.

In total, you can earn 850 tokens throughout the Update. Read the news article about combat missions for details. Fuel Tokens can only be earned in Update 0.8.5. With the release of Update 0.8.7, Fuel Tokens will be converted into credits at a rate of 1:22 500.



Short on tokens? You can always purchase the Premium variant of Rogue Wave containers that drop:

  • 15 Fuel tokens.
  • One of the following: 50,000 Commander Elite XP; 10,000 Coal; 7 days of Warships Premium Account; 1,000,000 credits; or 5x Type 59 camouflages.
  • One of the following: 5x expendable “Post-Apocalypse” camouflage; 400 doubloons; or the special “The Master of the Water World” camouflage for one of the Tier X destroyers.

For completing missions and Directives you’ll get standard containers that hold the following rewards:

  • 100,000 credits
  • 300 Coal
  • An expendable “Post-Apocalypse” camouflage or the special “The Master of the Water World” camouflage for one of the Tier X destroyers

You can receive each permanent camouflage from the container only once per account.

If you prefer not to rely on luck and are drawn to the post-apocalyptic setting, you can always get special permanent camouflages as a keepsake for the following Tier X destroyers:  X Z-52 X Shimakaze X Daring X Yueyang X Gearing X Grozovoi X Harugumo, and  X Khabarovsk. They can be purchased for doubloons on the Camouflage tab of the Exterior section or in the Armory’s dedicated “Rogue Wave” tab. Themed Commanders can also be found there, available in exchange for credits.

Bonuses provided by the permanent “The Master of the Water World” camouflage:

  • +4% to the dispersion of shells fired by enemies at your ship
  • -3% to the ship’s detectability range by sea
  • +100% XP per battle
  • -50% to the cost of your ship’s post-battle service
  • +20% credits per battle.

If, for any reason, the Rogue Wave event and the whole post-apocalyptic theme isn’t your cup of tea, you can disable the display of camouflages and unique Commanders in the ship carousel filter. To do this, you need to uncheck the Rogue Wave box in the Special Ships section.

Rogue Wave Daily Shipments

Enter the game from June 28 to July 12 to gain access to the Rogue Wave Daily Shipments. After you enter the game for the first time, you’ll have 14 days to obtain up to 10 rewards—with one dropped per day. Thus, you can skip 4 days out of two weeks, and still be able to get all the valuable rewards!


Intense battles in an unusual format await, Captain! Join the fight for Fuel Tokens in a post-apocalyptic world!

That’s all we know about the new event. Now, if you want the Hill and Benham (which are both great ships), go ahead! Get the job done and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla! You sail eternal, Shiny and Chrome!