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World of Warships: Roadmap for the first half of 2022 and theory-crafting

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I salute you. As part of their work in increasing the communication with the community that has already been shown with the improvements on devblogs and such, Wargaming decided to go one step further by teasing the roadmap for the 6 months ahead of us. They are also possibly doing a small teasing of the branch that will come after the three already announced and I’ll do a bit of theory-crafting with it.

I will also dig a bit deeper into what was revealed for the upcoming content, especially those French cruisers.

Winter 2022


So far, nothing that we weren’t aware of. The early access for the Pan-Asian cruisers started with Update 0.11.0.

Considering what was found on the logbook of the Public test, Canarias, the first Spanish ship of the game will become available with Update 0.11.1 alongside HMS Dido.
As for another ship that was on the logbook, U.S.S. Forrest Sherman (available for coal) is also likely to be released with this update.

In the close future, the German battleship line as well as the Soviet destroyer leader line will receive some relatively important changes. Both tier X ships Grosser Kurfürst and Khabarovsk will be respectively replaced by Preussen and Delny and will become Freemiums instead. You can learn a bit more about it here and in the various devblogs.

Game Events

Just like every year, there is an event for the Lunar New Year but it’s mostly happening in the Premium Shop sadly.

With Update 0.11.1, there will be a new temporary in-game event called “Dirigible Derby” in which each team must escort an airship of its own to a destination point. The airships can’t be damaged and move at set speeds but the presence of allied or hostile ships in the interactive zone around the airship can either speed them up or slow them down.

For a limited period of time, Asymmetric Battles will also be available. In this game mode, two teams will be fighting each other with one team bringing high tier ships but in small numbers while the other team will have a lot of low tier ships. The types and numbers of ships are matched in such a way that makes the forces of both sides in battle as equal as possible.

Spring 2022


When it comes to new ships, there are already the Italian Destroyers that are currently being tested. You might see them wandering around in battle, firing SAP while remaining unseen with their Exhaust Smoke Generator.

Right after them, there will be French cruisers coming. It surprised me a fair bit, especially when considering the nature of these cruisers.

The silhouettes of the ships were visible and I was able to determine what we are looking at.

As you can see, all 4 ships have turrets only at the front and shonai later said that it would be a “sub-branch of Dunkerque”. Based on this information, it seems to me that these ships are based on the French 17 500 tons battlecruiser design from the 20s.

This design was a preliminary to the Dunkerque-class battleship was armed with two quadruple turrets facing forward with 305 mm guns.

There is just a problem with the ship in the bottom right corner. As you might be able to see, it has three turrets in a similar configuration as the Nelson-class battleships. The thing is that as far as we know, France never considered such arrangement in the various designs that lead to the Dunkerque-class. HOWEVER, such design was considered during the development of the Richelieu-class.

This would mean that Wargaming had some fun and made a ship of their own. I will not lie, it annoys me quite a bit considering that they could have used real designs instead like the 37 000 tons battlecruiser.

Outside of that, not much else to work on and we will have to wait for next Thursday to learn more about these ships.

Superships are still in testing and depending on their popularity and testing results, Wargaming will decide or not to add superships for more techtree branches. Personally, I really like them as well as the new mechanics that they bring with them. I just wish the United States wasn’t a straight downgrade to Midway…

Submarines testing will resume, enjoy the time you have without having to deal with them. It is with the next testing phase that Wargaming will decide what they want to do with them. If they could scrap them or at least limit them to a specific game mode like Convoy, I would be pleased.

Game Event

The really fun Rogue Wave event will come back with its post-apocalyptic world. Wargaming are currently working on improvements, namely to make it easier to recognize the various factions.

We are also getting what is literally an online version of the famous game Battleship called “Sea Battle“. You will play on a 2D ruled grid that holds each player’s fleet of ships. Your mission is to seek and destroy enemy ships, and you’ll earn various bonuses and rewards along the way.

Arms Race that has been requested as an additional permanent game mode is being worked on and it will be added to Random battles alongside the Domination and Standard Battle modes.

As we already knew, the next Dockyard event will allow us to build the first Pan-American battleship of the game, Atlântico. As a side note, her name is probably going to change to “Deodoro” as the current name was actually a fairly poor choice apparently.


Training combat missions for new players. A chain of simple missions that will focus on different game mechanics consecutively. It will help new players get to grips with the basic knowledge of the game and take their first steps in it.

Changes to the Containers tab. A new convenient and informative system of displaying and sorting your containers will enable you to better manage them and open exactly the type of containers you need.

New map. The visual appearance of the new map was inspired by the votes of the community, and the map will soon be added to the game

Visual enhancements. Snow, ice, and sand on maps will become more realistic and spectacular; the ice build-up effect will appear on ships and be visible in battles on snow-covered maps; shadows on maps and ships will look more realistic and they will continue reworking maps and Ports to bring them up to HD quality.

Summer 2022


British players will be please to hear that after the French large cruisers, we will get a line of British battleships (though in action, it will be battlecruisers)! I wonder if they will have a similar game design to Incomparable.

Game Events

The return of Convoy. Wargaming are changing the format of this game mode. New routes and other details will be added to refresh the standard gameplay. It will be way more interesting to escort and attack transport ships.

With the U.S. Independence Day, we will get the long-awaited remodel of the U.S. destroyers that was announced back in 2020. Wargaming already shared a few visuals of them during the last QNA on Discord:


Wargaming plan to overhaul the in-game economic system and also separate it from ship exteriors. Economic bonuses will be separated from signals and camouflages and be made into a stand-alone entity. This means that you’ll be able to choose your ship’s appearance and select economic bonuses separately. Signals and camouflages will serve as elements of the exterior and yield combat bonuses only.

This is an absolutely amazing change. We will finally be able to enjoy the bonus of certain camos without having to look like clowns.

Plan Going Forward

As I said at the start of the article, these were only plans for the first half of 2022. Wargaming have planned loads of new additions and improvements in World of Warships for the second half of the year as well though. Right now, they’re at the preliminary design stage, so they are not ready to talk about them yet. Another article will be released when they are ready to share new information with us and explain any changes to the plans they have just announced.

IJN Light Cruisers coming?

Now, we are going deep into theory-crafting. Among the blurry images that were used to illustrate the content that would come in the second half of 2022, there was this visual:

As blurry as it is, we can see the silhouettes of two ships. ReimuBakarei, a fellow Content Creator and a really nice guy was able to render the silhouettes a bit more clear.

With a few other People, we proceeded to have some fun, trying to guess what were the ships and for the first one, it actually came fairly quickly.

When considering the shape of the superstructure and the round funnel right behind it, the silhouette was presenting a striking resemblance to the Agano-class of light cruisers from the Imperial Japanese navy. A bit of photoshop and voilà!

(Credits to Reimu Bakarei)

I don’t know for you guys, but it really smells like after the British battlecruisers, we will get Japanese light cruisers. They might do something with Mogami as well. The 155 mm variant might become a premium or there would be both Mogami with 155 mm guns and with 203 mm guns as tech tree ships.

As for the ship behind, it’s already a lot more complicated. What we can mostly see is a very tall and straight superstructure. While looking at the possibilities, one in particular emerged.

It is true that among the many designs that lead to the Yamato-class battleships (A-140 series), a lot of them had such superstructure and Hizen represents it fairly well. It could possibly mean that we are getting a Japanese battleship/battlecruiser branch later this year but it really is a big theory-crafting more than anything else. Could also simply be a premium ship.

In any case, that’s all for me, thank you for reading this article and also thank you to Wargaming for being more and more open towards the development of the game. It is nice to have an idea of what’s coming in the far future.

4 thoughts on “World of Warships: Roadmap for the first half of 2022 and theory-crafting

  1. So now the French tree is the first to get a super cruiser branch. This gives me hope that in the future we will also get a German super cruiser branch based on the following designs of the Deutschland cl*** ships.

  2. the 2nd silhouette could also mean, that the izumo could get replaced, i always suspected/theorised they would take her out of the techtree, eventually.

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