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World of Warships – Ranked Battles: The Fifteenth Season

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope that you are all ready to get very salty because tomorrow, the fifteenth season of Ranked Battles starts!


Key Rules of the Season

Starts: Wed. 26 Feb. 10:00 CET (UTC+1)
Ends: Tue. 24 Mar. 09:30 CET (UTC+1)

Format: 7 vs. 7 playing Tier X ships.

Restrictions: no more than one aircraft carrier and three battleships per team. If there aren’t enough suitable ships to complete the teams, and the time the first player in the queue has waited exceeds 4 minutes and 10 seconds, then each team can be completed with up to four battleships.

Rewards: up to 5,500 Steel, one Ranked Token, and many additional rewards.

Mode: Arms Race.

Maps: Trident, Warrior’s Path, Sleeping Giant, Mountain Range, and Islands of Ice.


Ranked Battles Features

  • A total of 18 Ranks split into three leagues: Second, First, and Premier.
  • Those who are new to Ranked Battles will start the Season from Rank 18. Those who participated in the previous Season will receive bonus Stars: one for each rank attained.
  • Players earn the Stars needed to climb the ranking ladder by winning battles. At the majority of ranks, a defeat means a lost Star.
  • Ranks 18–15 and 12 are irrevocable. You cannot lose a Star for a defeat at Ranks 18–17. If you are first on your team in terms of XP earned, you get to keep your hard-earned Star—even if your team lost the battle.
  • A bonus Star is granted for reaching a new rank at Ranks 18-11.
  • Only Stars obtained for the first time are counted for progress towards the Ranked Battles emblem. Bonus Stars for the previous Season are included in this count if you play at least one battle in the new Season.
  • You’ll receive the Flag of the First League for reaching Rank 10. Upon reaching Rank 5, it will be replaced with the Flag of the Premier League.
  • Flags given for reaching Leagues will be removed from player accounts once the Season ends.
  • You’ll receive a commemorative achievement for reaching Rank 1 in the Fifteenth Season.
  • All those who reach Rank 15 will receive a commemorative flag which will remain in their collections.



The League Flags reduce the cost of servicing your ships by 10% and 20% until the end of the Season.

Arms Race

Arms Race is a battle mode in which special areas that provide buffs spawn on the map. If you can make it to a special area and activate it before your opponents do, your entire team will get a bonus to their combat abilities till the end of that battle. If you capture more than one of the same buff, the bonuses provided by them stack up.

Eight minutes after a battle starts, a Key Area appears in the center of the map. The diameter of this area then shrinks over time. The team that captures it will be able to quickly gain an advantage in points and ultimately win.

How do the areas with buffs work?

  • Each buff area activates 2 minutes after spawning.
  • When you enter one of these areas after its activation, you will receive the buff instantly.
  • If you are within a buff area together with any enemy ships at the moment of its activation, the team with the most ships within the area gets the bonus. If the ship numbers are equal, the area remains in an uncaptured state until the balance of power inside it shifts one way or another.
  • In addition to the buffs, each captured area grants victory points to your team and deducts points from the enemy team.

Which buffs are available?

Increased maximum ship speed and a faster rudder-shift time, as well as a reduced aircraft engine boost cooldown time:

  • +3% to the maximum ship speed and rudder-shift time.
  • −20% to the engine boost cooldown time of an aircraft carrier’s squadrons.

Continuous restoration of HP as a percentage of the maximum HP pool for ships or aircraft:

  • Restoring +0.03% of ship HP per second.
  • Restoring +1% of aircraft HP per second.

Faster reload time of the main battery and torpedo armament, or faster aircraft restoration time on a carrier’s deck:

  • −5% to the reload time of the main battery and torpedo armament.
  • −5% to the aircraft restoration time.

Faster reload time of ship and squadron consumables:

  • −5% to the reload time of ship consumables.
  • −10% to the reload time of squadron consumables.