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World of Warships – Random Interesting Information

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Hello everyone,

Just made a small compilation of information from various sources that might be interesting.

From Russian Forum

  • Regarding new captain skills/perks, Sub_Octavian confirmed it was moved to early 2017 as for now.
  • In version 0.5.15, if a super container drops a Premium Ship already owned by the player, it will automatically replaced by another random one. If the player already has all premium ships in the Port, he will be given a the cost of the ship in doubloons.
  • No1sa_ru confirmed that having Super Containers in your inventory doesn’t affect the chances to get more Super Containers.

From Reddit Developers Q&A Round 7

  • Player asks if the Super Container change has been nerfed, because he isn’t getting Super Containers as often as before. Boyarsky-WG replied: “Pigeon_of_War keeps telling me that torpedo polisher improves the odds!”
  • More Hero Commanders will be coming to the game, both historical and fictional.
  • Boyarsky-WG in regard of account transfer for other regions: ” the potential demand for this functionality is insignificant, but it requires a shipload of work. I would rather focus on some other valuable feature such as economy unification… 🙂 Meanwhile we pool such individual requests in CS and process them all together manually from time to time.”
  • Boyarsky-WG confirmed the Flint is not intended for sale and it can only be earned in Ranked Battles.
  • Fun fact about regional differences – Win Rates for Halloween Mode by servers: EU: 10.8% NA: 11% RU: 6.7% SEA: 22.9%