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World of Warships – Q&A Compilation #1

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Hello everyone,

I’ve compiled some interesting information from the Developers Q&A with Quemapueblos and Sub_Octavian. Hope you enjoy.

Source: World of Warships Reddit


Samurai_TwoSeven: Will Wargaming be doing anything special for December 7th? It will be the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I don’t mean any sales or shop specials, but something to commemorate and respect the 2,400 lives lost on that fateful morning in 1941.

I find very few people actually know the significance behind December 7th anymore. Very few survivors of Pearl Harbor remain today, with the last remaining survivor off the USS Arizona passing away last year.

Quemapueblos: Yes, reminding folks of the tremendous courage and loss of life that occurred that day and during other important moments in history is a part of our company’s DNA. I know we have commemorative flag and an article on our portal planned.

JustADudeOfSomeSort: Does the Survivability Expert captain skill increase the HP your ship’s sections have? (For damage saturation of your bow or whatnot.)

Quemapueblos: Yes it does and it impacts certain parts of the hull very differently depending on which ship. Unfortunately its not very clear in the UI at all.

maegwynn: Hey Que!

1) Why are the Shimakaze’s guns getting caught up in the changes to the IJN DD line? Shimakaze’s guns are largely regarded by the community to be in an excellent spot right now. Why rock the boat?

2) As many have pointed out, the Shiratsuyu and the Akatsuki (both of the new T7 DDs) appear to have some kind of identity crisis. The torpedo reload consumable makes the Shiratsuyu seem like a much better fit as the torpedo boat. Meanwhile the Akatsuki’s superior barrel count, super-firing rear turrets, and inferior concealment seem to mark it out as a superior gunboat performer. Does WG plan on addressing this discrepancy?

3) Is WG ready to officially announce the cost/conditions of attaining the USS Missouri? Speculation has been rampant and it’d be nice to get official confirmation.

4) Is WG ready to comment on what kinds of changes that are going to accompany the CV overhaul? Will it only be UI or will there be deep gameplay changes as well?

Quemapueblos: Heyo Maegwynn,

  1. They are keeping the same overall DPM but the fire chance could hurt quite a bit. We will be taking a look at the IJN stats very closely and of course will adjust as needed. Torp boats in general are quite hard to balance as they are glass cannons but a shima in the right hands can still be a huge threat
  2. They are definitely gunboats . The torp reload is to help with the lack of tubes. You only get one volley at a time without it so its fairly hard to hit targets consistently. It can be used in emergency but I’ve mostly used it to help land a few torpedoes when its up since reload allows you to fire two volleys
  3. Not yet but as always SoonTM
  4. Both need to be address for sure. The changes may not be in the same patch but the UI needs to feel less unresponsive and clunky. For gameplay, we have mentioned previously some of the areas we are the most concerned with and it’s something we are actively working on

KubusSc7: A German ports planned or even discussed?

A big deal to a lot of people is how the Shimakaze behaves right now and will behave after another change/nerf to her in the next patch. For her turret rotation a rate if fire buff with lower alpha dmg cannot be applied like the numbers on paper suggests. It is not a gunboat. It is hit and run. It hits hard and runs away with superior speed. It already has worse detectability than its t9 or t8. It has and will still have worse guns than other t10 dds. Turret rotation is a big deal. The guns turned slow because they had this punch. You are removing the punch while keeping the rotation the same. Now my question is what do you see the Shimas role is? A worse sneaky dd than her predecessors with no ability of self defence against other nations dds? Or do you want her to be a gunboat somehow?

When are you addressing the chat channel bug, where out of nowhere text messages are deleted/emptied out and player names disappear in port chats?

Will the clan members remain limited at 30 or improve to 100 like in WoT? Why is it only 30 right now? Testing purposes or you see lower global numbers compared to WoT and limited clan sizes accordingly?


  • More historical and cool ports are coming! The EU team has been pushing for a German port so we will see what happens in 2017

  • The two IJN DD lines should have different strengths and weaknesses. Shimakaze shouldn’t have guns that are better or more competitive than the gunboats and shima should be the top torpedo boat out there!
  • We are aware of this irritating bug and we are working to fix our chat issues as soon as possible
  • 30 is just for testing right now. It will probably be adjusted in the future


  • (Q Specific) Which of the four new added destroyers do you look forward to the most?
  • With the Seagal captain having a special attribute, is there a possibility for more “Elite” captains or to add in national flairs to the commander system?
  • (NA Specific) With the introduction of the campaigns system, will there be a change to the difficulty of the regular challenges and missions?
  • With the Hai-furi collaboration announced on Asia, will the other clusters also participate?
  • (NA Specific) Has Niko picked a flag yet?!
  • Is the “Honorable Service” campaign permanent? I want to get Shinonome to keep my IJN premium collection complete (par Iwaki and normal Kamikaze), and I can complete the campaign eventually, I just don’t know if I have enough time.
  • What is the seaspeed velocity of an unladen Kitakami? Also Kitakami when?


  • Shiratsuyu looks like it could be pretty crazy with 2×4 torps and the reload consumable. Plus it has some firepower! Should be a good time

  • Yes! We are planning on more unique captains in the future and the commander system is something we are thinking how to improve in 2017
  • Not at the moment, we are going to see how these fit in with the existing setup and maybe make adjustments if needed down the road but its not in the plans at the moment
  • NA will for sure!
  • He was working on it this morning but I don’t think he managed to decided. He has to figure it soon though!
  • The campaigns will be around for a while. Right now there aren’t any plans to remove them. We will add more in the future and we may replace old or overlapping ones at some point so I don’t want to say NEVER but you’ll have some time
  • 31 Knots but the European one goes 24 miles per hour. I’m trying to organize a fun event with your favorite ship but we won’t be selling it or giving it away as we only want experienced players to TK their entire team in one volley wield such power


sniperwhg: Quick question, is a CV revamp in the works? From the economic portion to gameplay anything would be appreciated.

Sub_Octavian: Yes.

sniperwhg: Soon or SoonTm ?

Sub_Octavian: In development plan. Problem is recognized and accepted as a problem. The only factor that slows us down that the problem is complex and cannot be solved by a couple of tweaks. We are working on it. I wish I could give you the exact date, but I cannot. Don’t expect it to be solved until Spring at least.

syraku: Just a silly question this time! How likely do you think that I-401 is going to get a model? She is in the game, albeit with weird stats. And since subs are not in the game (no I’m not asking to play them), I just thought it’d be nice to have I-401’s model to appear in port, and as an earnable ‘ship’, but you simply can’t take her out to any sort of battles at all. Kind of like a port queen. You can assign captains to it, but obviously it isn’t going to do anything. A legit ship in all respects, but you simply can’t take it out to battle. Is this technically possible? I ask this because some other servers received ARP captains with specialization in the I-401, which I thought was interesting.

Sub_Octavian: Our contract with ARP expires. We won’t be adding any new content.

roeland666: Why is the Pensacola such a pain to play/level? Do you as a company enjoy torturing people?

Sub_Octavian: No, we enjoy when players are happy (and we feel making players happy is our mission, because happy players generate more online, more reputation and more revenue so it’s mutual benefit – you have fun, and we can do our lovely job – develop games).

Pensacola may have some issues (and they will be solved), but her main problem is that she’s the first heavy cruiser in game, and if VERY different from Cleveland. It’s like Furutaka, It’s like Aoba (when there was no Furutaka).

Leo_Apollo11: Hello Phil, in EU forum “Skycat79” posted his idea about “Enable the Radar/Hydro Range on the Minimap“. Would something like that be possible?

Sub_Octavian: Yep, I always had this suggestion here on Reddit a couple of weeks ago and we passed it to UI team. This idea is now in UI wishlist for 2017:)

Pioneer58: There was also a mention of an armour buff that hasn’t been heard of since, and I am talking about all premiums as well. The Indy isn’t doing so well ether for an example. I could totally be wrong but I could have sworn there was a mention, maybe I was just dreaming? I think all it needs is a small survivability buff. I personally think it should have a heal possibility to avoid it being to much like the Flint.

Sub_Octavian: You’re right, there is some minor historical inaccuracy with her armor model, fix+little buff seems good, and it will be done in some time. But Atlanta is powerful situational ship. We are satisfied with her performance and see that players who understood the ship show great results. She is not premium cruiser for everyone, surely. And she is not meant to be. She is a glass minigun.

X_Sith_cz: I know that captain skill rework is still rumoured but, what cause the most uproar is the “Keen Intuition” skill. Today I published my possible proposal to this skill, which in my point of view would lead to more dynamic and fun gameplay and would change current smoke meta. Basically it would grant 25-50% target acquisition similarly to TA mod. What do you think about it?

Sub_Octavian: Hi. Okay, here’s some leak:

We did test new skills (and current skills rework). We were not satisfied with it partially, including Keen Intuition. We designed a new solution, made some fixed and tweaks, and now are quite happy with the result. We will test it in the nearest future, and if everything works as we intended, you will see it in one of the first 2017 updates. Right now we are not going to make additional changes – we already improved the design and need some testing. Your analysis is great. I could agree with you on some points, and so do game designers – that’s why we did our changes. Let’s see how it turns out a bit later.

roeland666: With discussions of WoWS becoming an e-sports, isn’t it time to remove Detonations from game?

Sub_Octavian: No, it isn’t.

Kruaal: Question regarding Shiratsuyu: From what we know, this particular snowflake will have 2×4 Torp launcher and a consumable which reduces the reload timer of those torps to 5 seconds. This means that this ship will be able to throw out 16 torpedoes in about 5 seconds at several points in any battle. Is this really intentional and how does that fit into Wargaming’s efforts to reduce the “Torpedo soup”?

This is even more puzzling because prior to this IJN DD revamp, these ships have to trade their smoke in for having a torpedo reload consumable that reduces their reload to 30 seconds, not 5 seconds, while the new ships get it on top of their smoke.

Last but not least, I was under the impression that Shiratsuyu was part of the line that was supposed to be more of a gunboat, so why does she (and Akizuki) get that consumable?

syraku: Torpedo soup here means firing 20km torps that miss your intended target, yet go far enough for long enough to hit something else. WG didn’t like that. By comparison, creating a shorter-ranged torpedo wall of skill is completely fine.

Sub_Octavian: That’s right!

garryout: As Octavian mentions that: “All current stats are intended and tested.”

Let me ask here. It is very intended to high tier IJN DDs to have inferior to USN destroyer in every aspects? I do not see how WG advertised IJN DDs as torpedo specialists before, however as USN DDs got superior loading time, superior torpedo detection range, and superior range – I do not see ANY effectiveness of previous IJN 15km and 20km torpedo, but WG you know what? you are FORCING IJN DDs to use 8 or 10km torpedoes, still inferior to more stealthy and ranged USN one -.

Now I only see USN DDs are the actual torpedo specialists except the T10 Shimakaze can shoot carpet of torpedoes, which is the only thing that IJN has but still inferior to USN torpedo. Your fancy torpedo accelerator is available only for the new branch, as current branch TA replaces the smoke is just utterly useless.

Tell me. Are they intended and working as WG planned?

Sub_Octavian: Yes. We do not share the perception that IJN DDs are inferior to USN DDs. USN are more unversal – this is true. But that does not mean IJN are worse.

As for long torpedoes..we don’t want 20km torps to be very efficient. It is bad for gameplay. Playing with 8-10 km torps is great, as it is both rewarding (if you do it right, they deal real damage) and dangerous (it can be countered because of shorter engagement range).

-TerminusEst-: Hi there Mr. Sub_Octavian, I hope you can answer some of my questions:

  1. Have the devs considered something like a “Depot” in the port interface, where we can sell just the modules without selling the ship? I’ve had times where I need the credits and wondered if I could sell my stock hulls or GFCS to skip credit farming.

  2. I am very interested about the Akizuki coming to WoWS, but according to the stats that came out, I was a bit disappointed. My biggest concern is that it doesn’t have DFAA, being a DD dedicated as an anti-air ship. What would be your opinion if, say, we could choose either torpedo reload boost (the one which Aki has now) or DFAA?
  3. Related to my previous question, but have the devs also considered having Torpedo Reload Boost on Yuugumo? Shiratsuyu has it with the same number of torpedoes which is not as fast but not by much (except when you consider the F3s), and she’s in tier 7. Having less torpedoes per minute and main battery DPM than the Fletcher is quite concerning, thou the RoF buff is a highly-welcomed buff from the old Kagero.

Sub_Octavian: Hello there, too :

  1. Yes, it is in development plan.
  2. I answered it a little above – here gameplay matters more. AA DD is an option reserved for USN currently. 3. Akizuki is quite original even in her current state.
  3. Nope, TRB is destined only for alternative branch now.

New ships are released, they were tested, and any need for tweaks, buff or nerf will be much data-influenced. So, we need some time and data for these ships.

grabAbyte: With the latest ARP Missions, we have several duplicate ARP captains, in case of Hiei even more. While these captains get rewarded with a own reserve slot by now and the ‘older’ ones did get reserve slots retroactively (thanks for that!), I would like the possibility to dismiss a few of them. I don’t see a need for twice (or more) as many captains as available ships. Sure, someone could argue you could do different captain builds, but I assume it’s rather unlikely that someone will level them all to that extend. It would be totally fine with me if the reseve slot is lost as well if a duplicate captain is dismissed.

Do you see the possibility for something like that in the future? I’m aware that is is a pure convenience thing, however, I find it confusing to select the right ARP captain right away, because of that many duplicates.

Sub_Octavian: Yes, I see what you’re asking. Actually, inability to dismiss them is a little, but anyways, flaw. “Fix” is not currently in development, but we will get to it eventually and design a solution so that special commanders can be dismissed normally. As for now – sorry for this inconvenience.

MCMallett: If the torpedoes currently used by the Minekaze and its premium derivatives (Fujin and Kamikaze R) are nerfed in the IJN DD rework, would these premium ships be re-armed with the nerfed torpedoes as well?

Sub_Octavian: No, they stay the same.

Kruaal: Since quite a few people were somewhat miffed with how the Royal Navy cruisers turned out in the game, I am curious how well they are performing across the servers? May be a kind of resumee since they’ve been out for a few weeks now?

Personally, I have to say that if played according to their strengths, they can be quite powerful, although T2, 3 and 4 could need some love from the Devs, but may be that’s just me. Also, despite everybody bashing Wargaming for giving HE only to Perth and Belfast, I have to say that I am somehow performing better in their regular counterparts (Leander and Fiji) for some reason. Can you shed some light on the respective performance of those ships in particular?

Sub_Octavian: I am glad to say that initial stats RN cruisers achieved after release remain good and competitive across the servers. The line is effecient AND at the same time, situational/skill-dependent. Which contributes to game diversity. You are absolutely right saying that they should be carefully played to their strengths.

Lower tiers currently are not underperforming despite big amount of players. Their stats are still above average. Probably they will need some love, but not now when they show such performance.

As for Belfast and Perth – interesting questions. I checked their last-week stats, too.

Perth currently performs on the level of its rivals, close to Budenny. Belfast is among best T7 cruisers, but Fiji still outperforms her by ~2k avg.dmg and ~1.1% avg.WR. However, we should realize that Fiji audience is more skilled/hardcore at the moment.

SargUranus: You are going to do a what’s coming in 2017 video in January or February as you did in February 2016?

Sub_Octavian: I got invitation for filming a couple of days ago. So yes, probably, we’re going to do that.

Kruaal: Question regarding Perth: Can’t help but notice that the duration of the premium spotter plane is 100 seconds as opposed to 180 seconds on the regular spotter plane. Is this a mistake or is it intentional? It’d be the first premium consumable where the duration is intentionally shorter than on the regular one, although the latter has still the longer cooldown time, so I am really puzzled here…

Sub_Octavian: Hello! This is a mistake. The correct duration is 180 seconds for both consumables, we’ll fix it in the near future versions.