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World of Warships Q&A 18/11/2016

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Hello everyone,

Small Q&A from the official NA World of Warships page.

JediMaster Draco

Q: “American ships suffer a lot under the current meta. Do you have any plans on giving them buffs to restore playability?”

A: On a wide scale, there are no problems with American ships in the current meta. Sure, there are individual ships that could use buffs, but that issue isn’t unique to the US tree. Their destroyers and battleships perform well, while the carriers have problems that stem more from the class than the nation. Our current priority is resolving carrier class issues before moving onto nation-specific carrier issues.

On the other hand, American cruisers do suffer a bit at higher tiers, which is something we’re planning on fixing.


Q: “Why do the Arpeggio ships only have torpedo effects and not things like shell tracers, beam AA, klein field impacts, and other cool things from the series?” 

A: Implementing Arpeggio content was great for content diversity, but our number one priority was the main game. We had to stick with the most definitive features using the game resources already at our disposal.


Q: “Will we be seeing a French battleship line in 2017?”

A: Nope, but we do have a different battleship line planned for 2017. 😉


Q: “Historically, the best firing position in real naval battles was ‘crossing the T;’ firing all guns from the broadside while your opponent’s bow faced you, stuck with only their forward guns. This is the opposite in World of Warships. Was history wrong?”

A: Real naval warfare was not about having fun. Remember that World of Warships is still a game, and that we have many strange situations you won’t see in naval history. Battleships didn’t ram each other, destroyers didn’t leap from island-to-island for surprise brawling, etc.


 Q: “Is there a carrier rework coming?”

A: Yep, in 2017.


Q: “Why can’t we have matchups within one tier of each other? Matchups with a two-tier gap seem very, very common.”

Q. With three-tier matches, there is more ship diversity in a match, plus more incentive in being top-tier. We understand it’s tough playing a tier V ship against tier VII, but tier VII can have a tough time against tier IX. That’s fine. There will always be battles where you’ll have a tier advantage, and others with a disadvantage. It’s important to adjust your battle strategy accordingly.


Q: “Most important question of all: Pepsi or Coke?”

A: Neither; Kvass. Google it. It delivers!