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World of Warships – Q&A 11/11/2016

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing. Q&A from Russian Server from the 11 November, but only now has been translated.

Source: Official EU Forum

Q: What do you think about a “seasonal” game mode commemorating historical events, in which only ships of certain nations can participate?
A: We cannot promise new game modes at this time.

Q: I would the option of selling or exchanging signals.
A: We do not plan such an option.

Q: The Halloween event has been a great success. Do you plan an escort game mode for the PvP, or just the PvE?
A: We are currently working on similar game modes, but we cannot announce any details at this time.

Q: The RN cruisers made the gameplay closer to that in WoT, with players standing and shooting out of smoke, or moving in and out of islands.
A: This type of gameplay was possible before the cruisers. Do not forget a game will always have many elements that makes it different from reality.

Q: The purely sequential arrangement of keys activating consumables is confusing since different ships have different consumables. Do you plan an option for assigning buttons by type of consumable?
A: We do not plan such changes, although we see scope for improving the interface.

Q: What about heavy cruisers? The Scharnhorst appears to have found her place in the meta.
A: The Scharnhorst has indeed found her place, but as a battleship. We do not see room for a full heavy cruiser line for any of the nations in the game, and also not plan any individual ships of this type in the near future.

Q: I have heard about plans to add crew on ships in port. This would highlight the size of the ships. I would also like the option of loading two ships in port for a visual comparison.
A: The crew in port is not a fake, but we cannot promise that this feature will be implemented for all ships. Concerning visual comparison, this feature will probably be of limited use for most players.

Q: We need more quick commands, such as “Use Defensive AA”, especially in ranked battles.
A: We plan reworking the quick commands to make them more useful for teamplay.

Q: I am concerned about the low visibility of torpedo aiming template on brighter maps in sniper mode.
A: We are looking into this issue as a part of a general rework of the game interface, but we cannot say when the reworked interface will be released. The main problem is that a darker template will be less visible on darker maps.

Q: We would like to have a tier 8 premium ship for the US navy.
A: We are considering several candidates for a tier 8 US premium ship. The USN will definitely get a tier 8 premium ship in the future.

Q: Are you planning the option to change captains’ appearance and names? When will the new captain skill tree be released?
A: The new captain skill tree is probably coming already this year. We do not plan further customization options for the captains.

Q: Will Mogami see a premium sister-ship similar to the Gneisenau/Scharnhorst duo?
A: We have no such plans at the moment.

Q: Do you plan adding ship names to the minimap?
A: The names are long and would clutter the minimap. This option is not a priority since it would not benefit all players. Players with large monitors and a fully enlarged minimap may appreciate it, whereas the many owners of smaller monitors or laptops probably not. The current minimal provides all the necessary tactical information.

Q: When will the French and Italian navies come out?
A: We plan both trees, with the French appearing sooner than Italians. We cannon say anything about their release dates.

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