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World of Warships – Q&A 09/08/2016

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Hello Captains,

Russian Q&A from the 9th of August, translated by Carnotzet.

1. When do you plan to start the next season of Ranked battles (fifth one)?

A. I cannot say yet, but it is certain we do not plan to take out Ranked battles for long. Follow the news.

2. I understand that you are trying to hold back the release of the new branch until the Gamescon but, for now, the patch looks a little but thin (except the new branch and the suppression of failed division).

On another topic, are you happy giving players so many updates so often?

A. In addition to the release of the new branch, the suppression of failed divisions and other positive changes, patch 0.5.10 will bring:

  • Statistics for each individual ships directly in the client;
  • New data (spotting, tanking, damage to spotted enemies);
  • New log for sunk ships (that which is above the minimap);
  • Update concerning the crit ribbons;
  • Improved game sounds, including a very interesting solution for the sound of radar and hydro consumables;
  • Greatly improved Fault Line and Two Brothers maps;
  • Improvements for new players (changes made to tier 1 ships);
  • Adjusted settings for the Cyclone even and Domination mode according to players’ wishes;
  • Removed friendly fire from secondary guns, again, according to players’ wishes.
  • Optimisation of several interface operations;
  • Put in order BB’s shells normalisation;
  • Added colour filters for those who need it, including the players who are colour blind.

If you add up these changes with the release of a new branch, patch 0.5.10 does not look that bad.

Regarding the patch release cycle, the three-week cycle we are currently working with allows us to quickly react to changes made to the game and to your suggestions. We are aware that it has its flaws too. But, as far as we are concerned, we believe it has more ups than downs. We will try to release more content, but not at the expense of quality. We will also work on reducing the updates size.

3. Regarding the new high tier German BB’s, doesn’t it bother you that Friedrich der Große has 84’300 HP and Großer Kurfürst only has 3700 more HP (88’000)?

A. We plan to increase it to 105k. It is not necessary to discuss the combat capabilities of unreleased ships.

Bonus. Do you have any plans regarding Baltimore? It isn’t a secret to anyone that, according to statistics, she’s the worst performing tier 9 cruiser?

A. In the very near future, she will receive a buff from the shell normalisation changes we wish to introduce in patch 0.5.10.

In a more distant future, we plan to implement other changes to underperforming ships, including Baltimore. For now, unfortunately, I cannot say anything about it.

4. Lately, it is not rare to see team compositions such as this:

1-2 CV’s
4-5 BB’s
1-3 CA/CL’s
3-5 DD’s

Are you happy with such differences between classes? Can we expect any buffs to cruisers?

A. Well, this is not entirely the real tendency. However, it is true that BB’s have become more popular lately.

It is also true that certain cruisers need some balance tweaks. Although I cannot share any details, they are planned for the next few updates, that is, after 0.5.10 though.

5. Do you plan to add new alternative branches to already fully released trees, such as different types of IJN DD’s or BBV’s?

A. We have plans for several alternative branches. This way there still will be more diversity for certain nations/classes.

6. Is it true that developers have abandoned the concept of rock-paper-scissors?

A. As I have already written more than once, we have not abandoned the concept, even though it is not 100% followed. If we followed it to the letter, for example, rock would always beat scissors, without compromises. However, in the game, a BB can stand up to a DD, a DD to a cruiser and a cruiser to a BB. Even if it is quite hard. So, when we are talking about this concept, we are not talking about applying it to the letter, but more like which class is at an advantage against another one.