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World of Warships – Q&A 07/10/2016

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing. Q&A from Russian Server from the 7th of October, but only now has been translated.

Q: Will you limit the number of DDs to at least to 3 per side? The new economy rewards aggressive play, which is difficult with so many DDs around.
A: No.
1. Doing this will increase the average waiting time – a serious problem since nobody likes waiting.
2. Even if we assume that most players would wait, the excess destroyers will form a snowball that would lead to battles with incomplete teams, which is also bad.

The destroyers are popular, but so are the battleships. To address the issue we plan to make the cruisers more viable. The aggressive gameplay is still possible, just wait for the destroyers to begin skirmishing before attacking with capital ships.

Q: Will we able to sell unnecessary modules?
A: Yes, in a similar way you can sell upgrades. The automatic selling was introduced very early in the project, and appealed to the majority of players. But we understand that the player sometimes would want to sell them individually. We are currently working on this, so stay tuned for announcements.

Q: Will use change the karma system?
A: The karma system needs an overhaul. We need to review the types of reports and commendations, and to protect against the misuse of reports. We plan to do this in a few versions.

Q: The recent patches have been met with criticism by players. Will you take this critique into account?
A: The latest changes have been well-received by many players, but we cannot hope to suit all. Some positive changes can be met with criticism initially. We perfectly understand this. The criticism is important to us for obvious reasons. We want the audience to like the game, and would like to know of the problems. On the other hand, there is a difference between strong negative opinion by a relatively small part of the player base and real issues that diminish the enjoyment of all players. The first type of criticism is food for thought, the second type needs to be addressed immediately.

Q: Do you plan to add the ship name to the players nickname in chat.
A: We like this idea and plan something like this in the future. The challenge is how to fit the text in the chat window.

Q: When a manually focused plane becomes unspotted, I need to reset the focus, whereas focus on a ship will remain after the target becomes spotted again.
A: This mechanic was introduced very early in the project, but keeping focus sounds reasonable. We will think about the issue.

Q: Is it possible to display the wrecks of sunk ships, depending on the depth?
A: Yes, this is possible and would undoubtedly improve the visuals. The problem is that ship wracks as obstacles would increase the server load. Solving this is possible but not a priority in view of more pertinent issues. We are not working on it at the moment.

Q: Will the German pocket battleships appear in the game?
A: Possibly. They are not in the game yet because it is difficult to balance them. They were designed for raiding, and have smaller caliber guns than most battleships and rather cruiser-like armor. They will appear when we find their niche in the game.

Q: Could we use free XP on captain?
A: We are considering this possibility among other changes to the skill progression. In addition to using free XP, we would like to change a number of skills whose value is dubious, increase the variability of choices, and lift the 18 (for some players 19) point cap. The new design is already finalized and the changes will appear in one of the next versions. Wait for announcements.

Q: When will Russian battleships appear in the game?
A: Although we cannot announce a new tree here, we will not deny working on them either. The tree would look quite viable and interesting, provided it includes a high number of unreleased projects. But this is distant future. The RN cruisers and the new IJN destroyers are next.

Q: Please tell us about the clans.
A: We welcome the clans, and understand the desire of players to form clans for a shared gaming experience. We plan introducing clans in four stages, the work on the first stage is nearing completion, whereas the other three stages are at various stages of completion. The new content that will be sequentially added at each stages can be described as “basic”, “casual”, “medium” and “hardcore”.

 Stage 1: The possibility of forming a clan and recognizing clan members in game.
Stage 2: Introducing motivation to enter a clan by adding new game content. This would still appeal to causal gamers, who will find participating attractive but without the level of competition what would require discipline and training.
Stage 3: Introducing “medium” level content will be added, that would require a higher level of clan organization.
Stage 4: Introducing “hardcore” level content that will benefit well-organized and strong clans, similar to the content in WoT.

These changes are scheduled for the end of 2016 and the whole of 2017.

Q: With each release, the ships become more the same. A kind of undistinguishable grey mass. Will you make ships of different nations sufficiently distinct, perhaps by adding nation-specific consumables? What are you ideas on personalizing ships?
A: We do not share you impression of a “grey mass”. For example, the qualities of German battleships make them excellent brawlers. The forthcoming RN cruisers will not be bland either. Many existing ships have distinguishable national traits, and we plan to continue this tradition. Concerning consumables, we want to improve the general variability for all nations rather than giving nation-spefic options, although such options already exist and cannot be completely excluded in the future. The US battleships have a unique upgrade, as do the IJN Iwaki and Yubari. The high tier German battleships have Hydroacoustic Search. The RN cruisers will not have Defensive AA fire.

Q: It would be nice to include “I am sorry” as a hot key.
A: Interesting suggestion. In 2017, we plan to rework the quick commands.

Q: When will the R-Project begin? (RU related)
A: Let it remain a surprise.

Q: Do you plan to change the way AA works? At the moment, the AA of ships in close proximity does no multiply, with little incentives for team play.
A: We do not plan such changes. We are working on other AA-related issues that pertain to low tier games, with many inexperienced players and ships with weak AA. A solution is forthcoming. Overall, we see the AA mechanics as adequate, but cannot exclude changes in the future, including buffing the ships with weak AA.

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