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World of Warships – Q&A 03/08/2016

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Hello Captains,

Russian Q&A from the 3rd of August, translated by Carnotzet. Seems he has been quite busy so it’s taking time to get this information out for us.

First series

1. The current economy (how credits and xp are earned) encourages passive gameplay for BB’s, especially in Ranked battles where passiveness helps to keep a star on a defeat. Are you happy with this situation?

A. No, we are not, it is not an enjoyable situation. We do not like it as well. That is why in the next few updates we plan to rework the economy system by rewarding more teamplay actions.

2. Are there any plans to introduce flags, upgrades or skills that increase radar (duration, distance)?

A. We do not plan to but the idea is interesting. I will send it to my colleagues.

3. Will you give players the possibility to add cosmetic decorations on their ships?

A. We are actively examining the topic. We would really like to. We plan to complete work on patch 0.5.11 and then quietly start working on prototypes of decorations.

Second series

1. Why do CV’s torpedoes not change when going up tiers? After all, DD’s see their torpedoes improve, but not CV’s?

A. Because CV progressions is about planes, in this case TB’s that carry torpedoes to their objective. They become faster and stronger. If their torpedoes characteristics improved as well, they would create an absolute hell.

2. Why is Tirpitz’s secondary batteries range only 4.5 km and Scharnhorst’s, 5 km? (and other tier 7-8 BB’s, 5 km as well).

A. For balancing reasons. You have not seen Bismarck’s secondary yet. :)

Third series

1. Do you plan to add the fire resistance to ships info cards?

A. It is planned, yes. I very much hope we can add this useful improvement into one of the updates.

2. I saw on the forums that British cruisers are coming this year. I take this opportunity to ask you if, per chance, you haven’t discussed about adding HMS Ulysses? Is there any hope?

A. Was it you who told me about Ulysses quite some time ago? Thank you very much since it motivated me to read that wonderful book.

We discussed this question with my colleagues. They like the idea in principle but it will be not subject to a fast development. We will tray to find a way to make it work. There is hope, even though it is small.

3. How many Super league battles (Rank 1, tier 10 battles) were fought during last season?

A. Only few dozens on the RU server.

The experiment paid off: we will not bring the Super league in its current form. It will come back in another form, we will try to make it more popular.

4. You have already released and will release tier 6-7 premium BB’s from the British, USA, German and France nations. Couldn’t you think about adding a tier 6-7 premium soviet BB before the end of this year?

A. Before the end of the year, unlikely, but, generally speaking, it is planned.

Fourth series

1. Do you plan to change cyclones in the near future?

A. Cyclones will be improved and further developed. You can expect a small set of changes as soon as patch 0.5.10.

2. Regarding invis-fire, do developers think this kind of mechanics is adequate in a game about warships from the first half of the 20th century? If not, can you share some info on what you plan to change?

A. Yes, such mechanic has its place in a game about warships. It became more easy to do since improvements were made to the minimap. But generally speaking, it is a useful feature.

On the other hand, we are not happy with the state of certain ships. For example, there may be changes coming to Zao and other high-tier cruisers. Some of them needs some improvements, others are just too strong.

3. [Question about spotting, tanking, etc.]

A. We are currently working on earnings for spotting, damage done to spotted ships and tanking, it is planned to be available in one of the next few updates.

Moreover, in patch 0.5.10, you will already be able to see those figures in your statistics.

4. Do you plan to make that torpedoes have a chance to bounce off the armour, just like it is the case with shells?

A. Technically speaking, it could be done, but such mechanic is not needed in the game for now.

5. Since CV’s dominated high-tier games, you decided to limit their numbers to one per team. However, you didn’t touch the limit set for tier 3-5, where ships have practically no AA to speak of. This also raises the entry level for BB’s, who are rusty buckets at lower-tiers and just food for CV’s.

What do you think about CV’s at tier 3-5, about the AA ships have at those tiers when facing two CV’s, and about the high entry level for BB’s in general?

A. We are aware of both problems you speak of (CV’s at low tiers and BB’s at lower tiers). We will take measures to fix them. Regarding CV’s, limiting their numbers will not necessarily help. The limit we set for high tiers was done so as to not have CV’s of different tiers fighting each other. The fact that it also helped other classes is an additional benefit. However, we would still like a better distribution of CV’s across battles. Generally speaking, I mean.

Regarding BB’s, first and foremost, the problem arises because new players are confronted with the controversial comfort of tier 3-4 battles. Especially when it comes to the shooting. We are not just thinking about these issues, but working on concrete solutions. It is important to remember that these issues cannot be easily solved by, for example, adding +20% to a characteristic. In this case, we need to tread carefully.

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